RTR-NL stands for working together in safety. RTR-NL supports security partners with CCTV and mobile surveillance in the areas of public order, security, quality of life and crime. To this end, RTR-NL has programs such as Safe Towns, Safe Business Areas, Secure Lane, Robber Live in View, Crowd management and Crowd control, and Guarding and Securing.

In addition, the RTR-NL supports municipalities, fire brigades, ambulance care and the police during event and incidents.


Monitoring supported with cameras is a daily phenomenon. In the video room of the RTR at the police station in Nijmegen, video clips from fixed cameras come from all sorts of municipalities and business areas are being uploaded and processed. Video feeds from mobile cameras can be added to that.

All videos need to be processed, saved and passed through the Milestone Systems Video Management SystemMilestone Xprotect®. Police officers, like Hylco Wijnants who are seconded to the RTR, see which images should be forwarded to the control room. Of course, it may also occur that a 112 call enters the control room, which then requests the RTR to forward specific camera images.

“Mobile camera images contribute significantly to improvement of monitoring and insights.”


Hylco Wijnants, Director Regional Monitoring Room, Co-founded by the Dutch Police


Based on the challenge and requirements, Zepcam implemented a bodycam solution consisting of hardware (T1 – live  bodycam) and software (Zepcam Manager) integrated with Milestone Xprotect®  Video Management Software.

Due to this full integrated solution, the RTR is able to collect, process and store mobile and fixed camera images showing an incident transmitted live to the emergency room – such as emergency services (police, fire brigade, ambulance) – in the district office of Gelderland-Zuid. Additionally, images are stored so that they can be used for supporting evidence and for visual assistance in investigating cases. Municipalities, companies and police can share camera images in this structure where this is deemed necessary for supervision, enforcement and detection.


Zepcam Bodycam Solution

Manage your bodycams and video footage within our integrated Mobile Video Platform (Zepcam Manager). Zepcam Manager is an open software platform for bodycams, vehicle cameras and wireless CCTV and offers transparency, safety and evidence easier and more secure than ever before.

Zepcam Solution