Mobile CCTV for transport - Zepcam

Live feed of cargo

Live video and GPS position from anywhere using 4G

With the mobile video box you can setup deployable surveillance with ease. High-end surveillance for a limited period of time can be setup quickly, for example a big event like a marathon. But it can also be used to secure distant locations, for example construction sites. Zepcam believes that it’s often too complex or expensive to install a dedicated network infrastructure for traditional surveillance installation.

That’s the reason we introduced the Mobile Video Box 4G. It delivers a plug & play solution for wireless HD video streaming of security cameras via 3G, 4G or WIFI. Despite the quick and easy install of the Mobile Video Box, it offers high quality surveillance capabilities.

Reliable surveillance without a physical network

The mobile video box solution can operate without solid internet connection. Therefor you need:

  • A camera with IP output
  • Zepcam Mobile Video Box
  • Zepcam Video server
  • Viewing application

Mobile Video Box

Deployable surveillance is a cost-efficient solution for multiple use cases

Our Mobile Video Box in combination with IP cameras can be used for many applications, like:

  • (Temporary) public events: sport events, festivals, concerts, protests or election rallies
  • Construction sites: Protect not only your (remote) construction site but also your assets and people
  • Road construction projects: Use our solution for a live view for optimized traffic management
  • Remote machine support: Use remote monitoring and inspection of high value machines
  • Covert operations: For a more covert approach you can hook 4G hidden IP cameras to our Mobile Video Box

Our Mobile Video Box solution can be used multiple times, so it’s a cost-efficient option when you need multiple temporary installations throughout the year.

Deployable surveillance is a cost-efficient solution for multiple use cases

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