Traffic and More, founded in 2009, is specialized in traffic management – guidance and implementation of temporary traffic measures. Their services include putting down road barriers for construction work, placement of signs and road barriers at events such as pop concerts or accompanying dynamic events.


Part of traffic management for organizations such as Rijkswaterstaat is monitoring traffic flow, both preventively and to intervene when things go (threatens to) go wrong. In those cases, live monitoring or reporting to the clientafterwards should be a standard protocol.

“It’s important to be transparent towards your clients. This can be done best when they can see for themselves what is happening on a specific locations. In addition, in some cases our clients want to be able to transfer images to the police or other investigation services.”

“Transparency is important to our customers, and mobile video footage allows us to offer that.”


Harold Mulder, Traffic and More


For Traffic & More, Zepcam implemented the full Zepcam mobile video solution consisting of hardware (T1 live bodycam + Mobile Video box) and software (Zepcam Manager) components.

This solution enables Traffic & More to offer a full-service solution to their clients. This solution allows them to offer live images, especially in combination with audio and location data, providing much better insight into the situation on site. According to Mulder, this ensures that taking decisions and managing employees on location can take place much faster and more effectively. You can also take a look to see if deposits and signs are placed correctly.

Zepcam Bodycam Solution

Manage your bodycams and video footage within our integrated Mobile Video Platform (Zepcam Manager). Zepcam Manager is an open software platform for bodycams, vehicle cameras and wireless CCTV and offers transparency, safety and evidence easier and more secure than ever before.

Zepcam Solution