Do you need a fully secure standalone body camera package for a small security project? Then ZEPCAM STANDALONE is the perfect solution.

The package contains ZEPCAM T2+ body cameras, a smart docking station, and a powerful pre-programmed ZEPCAM BOX minicomputer and of course all ZEPCAM software for smooth operation. It’s easy to set-up, does not require any IT support and is, because it uses its own local storage, 100% secure.


  • 4 or 8 ZEPCAM T2+ body cameras, with ZEPCAM DEVICE licenses
  • 4-bay or 8-bay smart docking station to operate 4 or 8 ZEPCAM T2+ body cameras
  • Pre-programmed ZEPCAM BOX minicomputer with maximum storage of 512 GB
  • ZEPCAM Manager software package
  • Encrypted storage
  • Transport Case with custom foam interior
  • Optional keypad and display for ID management

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