Bodycams in hospitals increase feelings of safety

The corona crisis is leading to more tension in hospitals, resulting in a shorter fuse, little patience and a growing number of incidents involving aggression. To combat this, the security guards at the Máxima Medical Centre in Veldhoven (southwest of Eindhoven) have...

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New ZEPCAM release with innovative features

ZEPCAM is constantly adding new features to its products and optimising them as much as possible. Discover the most important new features below. What’s new? Geo Search: filter recorded videos based on geographical location RFID support: users can identify themselves...

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The importance of bodycams in the fire service

Bodycams are widely adopted by the police force and law enforcement agencies. It comes as no surprise that frontline professionals such as firefighters are now following suit and appreciating the benefits of bodycams. Dutch fire department embraces bodycams The Dutch...

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