Police in Swiss capital start testing the use of bodycams

ZEPCAM bodycams are becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. Following a successful bodycam pilot in the canton of Vaud and the city Lausanne in Switzerland, Bern is following suit.

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The police of Bern, the de facto capital of Switzerland, will be testing the use of bodycams from June until the end of the year. They are using 32 cameras in total as part of the pilot. The aim is to protect police officers better and document crimes in a more efficient manner.

De-escalation of violence

Most people expect positive results, mirroring the experiences of Vaud and Lausanne. In a report presented by the University of Lausanne in April 2020, it was confirmed that bodycams contribute to the de-escalation of violence and the lessening and resolving of physical or verbal aggression. They also have a positive effect on the wearer, promoting trust and supporting the bodycam owner enough to confidently carry out everyday duties.

The report from the University of Lausanne also stated that bodycams are sturdy, reliable, provide support and lead to less conflicts. Opponents of the cameras from the political left in Bern fear permanent surveillance by the police. However, those in favour of bodycams speak of better protection for the police, but also for society as a whole. Despite initial controversy among police officers regarding bodycams, they are now widely embraced by the police due to the many benefits they provide.

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