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Plug & play solution for wireless PTZ cameras
The Zepcam Mobile PTZ is a complete and fully integrated solution for controlling PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras remotely and stream video via wireless networks. Zepcam’s PTZ cameras can instantly be deployed for streaming video combinedwith GPS position from any location or vehicle to a computer, tablet or command & control room. Fast, simple, reliable, plug & play ready and last but not least cost efficient.
The Zepcam Mobile PTZ: endless possibilities for mobile camera surveillance
·         Mobile camera surveillance (infinite or temporary) at locations where regular internet access is not available.
·         Can be placed on any vehice or vessel to enable remote monitoring and control.
·         Offers unlimited surveillance options for police, detective forces, security forces or military
The Zepcam Mobile PTZ is used by salvage service companies, logistic companies, safety & security companies, police, fire brigades, ambulances, customs, port authorities, industrial sites and events.
Plug & play installation: set up a live stream in 3 simple steps:
Step 1. Place camera and transmission box
Step 2. Turn on transmission box
Step 3. Watch live footage on computers, tablets and/or command and control rooms.
Zepcam Mobile PTZ technology conists of four components:
1.  PTZ camera: make a choice from various ruggedized, weather proof PTZ cameras: compact, large or thermal (available soon).
2.  Zepcam Transmission Box: connected to the PTZ camera, Zepcam technology inside for wireless transmisison and remote control. GPS, batteries and external power sources in ruggedized Peli case, video streams to Zepcam Video Server, transmission via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G/LTE.
3.  Zepcam Video Server: process inbound video and data streams, video storage, bandwidth management. Video and data transmitted to command and control room or Zepcam browser. Available as Zepcam managed cloud service or own server solution.
4.  Viewing software: enables remote viewing of video and GPS position, control the PTZ camera remotely, available as browser or integrated with video management system or command and control room.
Zepcam Mobile PTZ summary:
– ‚ÄčLive video for remote colleagues and specialists
– Efficient because specialists can directly be involved/engaged remotely
– Improved safety of staff in the field because of “remote eyes
– Plug & play solution (no IT support needed)
– Proven technology (safe and secure)
– Several cameras available
– Live video, audio + GPS position
– PTZ camera can be controlled remotely (from tablet, PC, command and control room)
– Video sharing
– Modular en flexible
– Possibilities for customization
– Simple integration with command and control rooms and video management systems
Benefits of the Zepcam PTZ camera:
– Live images for better situational awareness and better decission making
– Increase of personell, vehicle or area safety
– Better overview and guidance of personell and vehicles in the field
– Remote support and assistance
– To secure valuable goods and areas
– For (Live) video documentation to employees, customers or insurance companies
Why does the Zepcam PTZ camera fit for the job?
Mobile video recording by professionals in the frontline demand  specialized equipment. The Zepcam T1 is developed together with police forces and used by special forces, security firms, fire departments and great amount of police forces.
– A complete solution for professional mobile video recording (hardware, software, accessories & services)
– High resolution video (D1 TV quality) with excellent night view
– High operational reliability
– Designed for rugged use: water proof (IP 67), dust and shock proof
– Security software to guarantee data security and acceptance of footage by legal authorities
– Flexible and modular
– European design and manufacturing
– In house R&D
– Excellent track record: clients include major police forces, special forces, fire departments in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain



Hardware components – standard PTZ camera (type Zepcam PTZ Compact)
  Zepcam Mobile Video Box (for wireless transmission)
General Compact, portable, ruggedized PTZ camera
  Waterproof, IP66
  Anti-vibrate design, suitable for rough situations
Temperature range Built-in temperature system, works from -45 C till + 65 C
Housing material Magnesium alloy
PTZ protocol Pelco-D
Image sensor 1/4” SONY EX-View HAD CCD; 550 TVL
Zoom Optical 36x, digital 12x
Pan range 360 degrees continue
Pan speed Control speed 0-60 degrees/s, preset speed: 80 degrees/s
Tilt range 15 – 90 degrees
Digitale image stabilisation Yes
Defogger Yes
Infrared IR LEDS, till 60 meter sight, perfect nightview
  850 nm
Mount Simple mount via a magnet foot or shackle construction
Size Standard: d=130mm x h=163 mm; with demper: d=140mm x h=189 mm
Weight Standard: 1,6 KG; with demper: 2 KG
Other PTZ camera options On request
Zepcam Mobile Video Box  
Functionalities Video-storage, videotransmission, control PTZ camera, powersupply PTZ camera
Camera Support Standard: Zepcam PTZ Compact
  Optional: Zepcam Bulletcam, analogue (PAL) camera's
Casing Built in Pelicase 1200 (robust, weatherproof)
  IP67 Waterproof, MIL C-4150. ATA
Dimensions 27 cm x 24,6 cm x 12,3 cm
External connections PTZ connection (PAL video + RS485)
  Option to connect to other analogue camera's
  Antenna (SMA)
  Power Supply
Mounting Option to install mounts (optional) for fixation
PTZ support PELCO-D
I/O ports: Micro SD card slot; USB 2.0; Mic-in; Pal analogue
Storage Medium Solid state, micro SDHC
Storage Capacity 8 GB (6 hours), expandable 32 GB (+/- 24h)
Operating temperature -10ºC to +50ºC
Battery Supply PTZ Battery 2x 12V@2.3Ah, total 4.6Ah;
  4h continuous camera usage
  Rechargeable, on the go charging possible
Battery Supply streaming Li-polymer battery; 6.200 maH; USB-charging
  Average streaming time 3G: 4 hours/ Wi-Fi: 5 hours
  Standby time: 20 hours
  Rechargeable, on the go charging possible
External power supply 12V for fulltime operation, 14V for fulltime operation + charging of batteries. External power supply through cigarettelighter power supply i.e.
Remote control RF ANT technology; 2-way communication; LEDs status feedback (recording, streaming, standby, error)
Operating system Linux
Updates Software & feature updates via firmware updates. Wireless update (over the air) possiblity
Formats MOV; h.264
Resolution D1 (720×576) & CIF (352×240)
Recording speed 25 fps
Microphone Microphone in cable + 3.5 mm Aux input for external microphone
Sensitivity 90 dB AGC range, -42dB@1KHz, 16KHz sampling, 16bit PCM
Wireless security VPN / APN
Encryption AES 128
Login Officer ID login
  Device pin code login
In screen Watermark
  Time / date
  GPS coordinates
Website for live viewing username / password login
Video & data flow Live video & data is streamed to a secured Zepcam proxy server (Zepcam Video Server)
  The video stream can be streamed secure and be watched in controlroom, pc or tablet
Supported Networks 3G, WI-Fi
4G / LTE Please ask us for the supported frequencies
  GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE: 850/ 900/1800/1900MHz
  HSDPA upto 14.4 Mbps; HSUPA upto 5.76 Mbps
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n (up to 300Mbps)
  ISM 5.1 ~ 5.8 GHz ISM 2.4 ~ 2.4835 GHz and 20/40 MHz; ( managed & Ad-hoc)
GPS GPS data sent real time to the Zepcam Video Server
  GPS tracking possible without video transmission
Wireless Video Streaming Resolution: 720×576 (D1), 352×288 (CIF)
  Bandwidthmanagement for optimal quality
  Bit rate/ frame rate/ resolution control
  h.264 compression
  Streamed video is stored on Zepcam Video Server and Zepcam recorder
Zepcam Video Server Dynamic bandwidth management with Zepcam devices
  Video transcoding and storage
  Device & user authentication en -management
  API for controlrooms and webinterfaces on pc en mobile
Zepcam Video Server Options Zepcam Cloud Service (shared & secure), Zepcam Video Server – Own Server Solution
View Options Browser application on pc, tablet or operational
  controlroom (after simple integration)
  Video Management Software (supported VMS packs below)
Functionaliteiten View live video streams
  View GPS location on Google Maps
  Grid view to control multible camera's
  User management & sharing of video's
  Multiple user-login
  Live listening of audio stream
  Play stored videos
Remote camera management Control PTZ camera via browserapplication

keyboard, joystick

  PanTiltZoom control PTZ camera in the field
  Start / stop recording & streaming
  On / Off GPS, heater, WDR
  Adjust bit rate/ frame rate/ resolution
  Remote delete of stored data



Axis P3905-R Fixed Dome Camera
Indoor-outdoor vehicle and surveillance fixed dome camera; 1080P; POE; 0.2 lux; 87° horizontal field of view; digital Pan/Tilt and zoom; audio support &
easy to install on M2-MVB
Axis F1005-E Camera
Ideal for use in highly discreet indoor, outdoor and mobile surveillance applications; 1080P; WDR; POE; 113° horizontal field of view. Axis F serie main
unit needed.
Axis F-41 Main Unit
Main unit for 1 Axis F series camera; POE supported; 1080P; WDR & easy
installation. For connection to M2-MVB an ethernet cable is required.
Axis F-44 Main Unit
Main unit for 4 Axis F series cameras; POE supported; 1080P; WDR & easy installation. For connection to M2-MVB an ethernet cable is required.
Axis P5635-E-PTZ Camera
AXIS P56 Series comprises cost-effective, high-performance HDTV PTZ dome network cameras for wide area video surveillance indoors or outdoors. Specifications:1080P; POE+; 30x optical zoom; 0.3 lux; 360° pan range, audio &
image stabilization
Axis P1365-E fixed Camera
AXIS P1365-E Network Camera delivers excellent full HDTV 1080p video. The day/night camera features a P-Iris lens for optimal image clarity, in addition to
digital PTZ and easy installation.
Specifications: 1080P; POE; IP67; WDR, audio; 0.04 lux, 0,18 color; 90°-40° field of view
Axis M7001 SIngle PAL-IP Encoder
AXIS M7001 Video Encoder offers high quality video and affordable integration of an analog (PAL) camera into a powerful IP-based video surveillance system.
Encoding 1 PAL camera with BNC connector, ethernet cable required for connection with M2-MVB
Axis P7214 Multiple PAL-IP Encoder
AXIS P7214 Video Encoder offers powerful, full-featured and efficient
integration of multiple analog (PAL) cameras into an IP-based video
surveillance system. Encoding up to 4 PAL cameras with BNC connector,
ethernet cable required for connection with M2-MVB
M2-MA1 Multiband dome antenne
Antenna for M2-MVB; multiband: 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi & GPS; fixation by screw-bold or sticker; incl. 0.4
meter cable; 3 SMA connectors
M2-MA2 Multiband dome antenne long cable
Antenna for M2-MVB; multiband: 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi & GPS; fixation by screwbold or sticker; incl. 3 meter cable; 3 SMA connectors
M2-MA3 Multiband dome antenne with magnet mount
Antenna for MVB-HD; multiband: 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi & GPS; fixation by strong tripod magnet mount; incl. 3 meter cable; 3 SMA connectors
M2-PS1 Veracity VCS-4P1-MOB – POE Switch
Power Over Ethernet (POE) Switch for usage of 4 POE cameras with total power consumption above 25 watt; 12v/24v powered
M2-128 128GB Memory for MVB-HD
Fast 128GB (SD Card) internal storage for M2-MVB. Instead of installed storage
M2-PC1 Power cable 12-24V
Power cable with Molex connector to bare leads; 12V/24V supporting; fit for switched power use
M2-PC2 Power adapter 230v-12V
230V wall power adapter for M2-MVB; incl Molex connector; Euro connector; 40 Watt
M2-PC3 Power cable 12V with cigaret plug
12V supply for M2-MVB; incl Molex connector; cigaret power plug for in vehicles use
M2-CA1 Ethernet CAT5 cable 1M
Ethernet CAT5 cable to connect IP camera, encoder or F series main unit to M2-MVB; color: black; 1 meter
M2-CA2 Analoge PTZ assembly
Cable to connect analoge PTZ camera to M2-MVB; incl. 12-24V camera power supply; RS232 support; incl. CAT5 cable. Works with T1-PCA analogue PTZ vehicle camera