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Zepcam Mobile Video Box

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Plug & play solution for wireless HD Video streaming of security cameras using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi

The Zepcam Mobile Video Box (M2-MVB) is a reliable, secure and professional solution for wireless video surveillance using HD IP cameras. The Mobile Video Box can be installed on walls, poles, trucks or other surfaces. With the Mobile video box you have IP and PAL (PTZ) cameras up and running in no time. And live HD video from any location to any screen.

Possible applications:

  • Mobile camera surveillance (fixed or flexible) on locations without internet or power connection
  • Live video from vehicles, ships and other moving objects
  • Observation by police, fire department, defense, security and detectives
  • Security of events, crime scenes or other activities
  • Construction site security and remote safety checks
  • Temporary streaming of existing CCTV camera’s to PC and Tablet
  • Integrated solution for vehcile cams and body-worn video


The Zepcam Mobile Video Box is developed for Police, Fire brigades, ambulance, border patrol, shipyards, industry sites, events, security company’s and transport companies.

Easy installation

Step 1. Connect camera to Mobile Video Box
Step 2. Switch on Mobile Video Box
Step 3. Watch live images in your browser on pc, tablet or control room

The Zepcam Mobile Video solution exists of 4 components

The Mobile Video Box, Zepcam Video Server and browser application will be supplied by Zepcam, the client can use a Zepcam Icamera or selects its own.

Camera with IP outputA camera with IP output: which will be connected to the Zepcam Mobile Video Box. The M2-MVb supports Full HD IP cameras. Up to 4 cameras can be connected.

The Zepcam Mobile Video BoxThe Zepcam Mobile Video Box: connected to one or more cameras, contains the Zepcam technology for wireless transmission, GPS, external power. Video and other data is stored in the box and real-time streamed to Zepcam Video Server.

Zepcam Video ServerZepcam Video Server: controls incoming video and data streams, video storage, bandwith management. Images and data are send by video server to Zepcam browser applicatie. Available as Zepcam managed cloud service or own server solution.

Viewing ApplicationViewing Application: remote watching of Live streaming images, audio, GPS position and controlling PTZ camera all in one browser application or integrated woth existing video management systems like Milestone, Genetec, OnSSi, Cisco VSOM and more.


Video, audio & data transmission of connected cameras over LAN & wireless networks
(2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi)
Remote management of connected cameras
Storage of video, audio & data
GPS track & trace
Zepcam Mobile Video Box
Approx 160x155x46 mm
I/O ports
Ethernet for IP cam
Ethernet for IP configuration (e.g. laptop to adjust settings)
2x USB Host for external devices
External power (4 way 4.2 mm boxed connector (Wuerth))
I/O for external event triggers (8 way 4.2 mm boxed connector (Wuerth))
Mic in (3.5mm jack plug)
Audio out (3.5mm jack plug, 4.8 Ohm, 0.375W)
2x 4G / 3G dual (MiMo) antenna (SMA)
Wifi antenna (SMA)
GPS antenna (SMA)
Sim card (slot for regular simcard)
SD card (slot for regular SD card)
USB OTG device
HDMI out
Storage (standard)
Standard storage on SD card (32GB, optional up to 128GB)
Secure (AES encryption)
Secure access through USB* or Ethernet
Storage (optional)
Possibility to connect an external storage device* (NAS, USB)
Stored Video
Format: .MKV; H.264. High resolution video is stored (same as camera output)
System set up
Cameras are connected to Zepcam MVB.
Zepcam MVB is wirelessly connected to the Zepcam Video Server
Zepcam Video Server forwards live video and data to the client for live viewing (by Zepcam
Live Viewer or integrated 3rd party Video Management System)
Dual stream
Simultane high resolution storage (evidence purposes) & lower quality streaming (based
on available bandwidth)
Zepcam Secure Link Technology
The Zepcam MVB is equiped with Zepcam Secure Link Technology. This technology manages
the wireless video & data transmission and is especially useful for situations with highly
dynamic wireles networks like 2G, 3G, 4G and Wifi. Zepcam Secure Link technology is
responsible for the best possible video and data transmission, highly secure wireless links and
adaptive bandwidth management.
External power supply
10V~30V DC.
Event triggers
The I/O plug can be used to receive external triggers to start/stop recording or streaming.
External triggers can be car movement, door opening, IR movement. *
GPS fencing as trigger.*
Scripting option for advanced trigger functionalities.*
System setup
Manually settings adjustment (through browser based settings menu on connected computer
or tablet) or by upload* of settings file.
Once system is setup and has wireless connection, settings adjustments can be done
Software & feature updates via firmware updates. Wireless update (over the air) possible
Video & data flow
Supported networks
4G / LTE
Live video & data will be streamed to a secure Zepcam proxy server (Zepcam Video Server).
The Zepcam video stream can be viewed secure on a computer or tablet and can be
integrated in a Video Management System of a command & control room.
2G, 3G, 4G, Wifi & LAN
Option 1: (FDD) B1/B2/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20 (2×2 MIMO)
Option 2: (FDD) B2/B4/B5/B17 (2×2 MIMO)
Option 1: DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS: 850/900/1900/2100Mhz
Option 2: DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS: 850/1900AWS Mhz
GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Video Streaming quality
Auto network switching
Zepcam Video Server
Remote live video view
Integration with Video
Management Systems
Gps/glonass L1 with A-GPS
802.11 b/g/n up to 65Mbps (managed*/ Ad-Hoc/ Accespoint )
cam port: 10/100Mbit fixed or dynamic IP
service port: 10/100Mbit fixed IP
Resolution: 1080P, 720P, XGA, D1, VGA, CIF
Bandwidth management for optimal quality
Bit rate/ frame rate/ resolution control
H.264 compression
Streamed video is stored on Zepcam Video Server
The system can automatically switch between the available networks (2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-FI*, LAN) in
order to maximise streaming uptime. Priority setting is possible.
Dynamic bandwidth management with Zepcam devices
Video transcoding and storage
Device & user authentication en -management
API for control rooms and web interfaces on pc en mobile
Zepcam Video Viewer: browser based live video feed & GPS position on Google maps
Via integrated 3rd party Video Management System
The Zepcam Video Server has an API for integration with 3rd party Video Management Systems.
Zepcam has currently integrations with e.g. Milestone, Genetec, Onvif and several public safety
VMS systems.
Wireless security
VPN / APN Wi-Fi encryption
AES 128
Officer ID login
Device pin code login
In screen
Tijd / datum
GPS coordinaten
Website voor live viewing
username / password login




Axis P3905-R Fixed Dome Camera
Indoor-outdoor vehicle and surveillance fixed dome camera; 1080P; POE; 0.2 lux; 87° horizontal field of view; digital Pan/Tilt and zoom; audio support &
easy to install on M2-MVB
Axis F1005-E Camera
Ideal for use in highly discreet indoor, outdoor and mobile surveillance applications; 1080P; WDR; POE; 113° horizontal field of view. Axis F serie main
unit needed.
Axis F-41 Main Unit
Main unit for 1 Axis F series camera; POE supported; 1080P; WDR & easy
installation. For connection to M2-MVB an ethernet cable is required.
Axis F-44 Main Unit
Main unit for 4 Axis F series cameras; POE supported; 1080P; WDR & easy installation. For connection to M2-MVB an ethernet cable is required.
Axis P5635-E-PTZ Camera
AXIS P56 Series comprises cost-effective, high-performance HDTV PTZ dome network cameras for wide area video surveillance indoors or outdoors. Specifications:1080P; POE+; 30x optical zoom; 0.3 lux; 360° pan range, audio &
image stabilization
Axis P1365-E fixed Camera
AXIS P1365-E Network Camera delivers excellent full HDTV 1080p video. The day/night camera features a P-Iris lens for optimal image clarity, in addition to
digital PTZ and easy installation.
Specifications: 1080P; POE; IP67; WDR, audio; 0.04 lux, 0,18 color; 90°-40° field of view
Axis M7001 SIngle PAL-IP Encoder
AXIS M7001 Video Encoder offers high quality video and affordable integration of an analog (PAL) camera into a powerful IP-based video surveillance system.
Encoding 1 PAL camera with BNC connector, ethernet cable required for connection with M2-MVB
Axis P7214 Multiple PAL-IP Encoder
AXIS P7214 Video Encoder offers powerful, full-featured and efficient
integration of multiple analog (PAL) cameras into an IP-based video
surveillance system. Encoding up to 4 PAL cameras with BNC connector,
ethernet cable required for connection with M2-MVB
M2-MA1 Multiband dome antenne
Antenna for M2-MVB; multiband: 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi & GPS; fixation by screw-bold or sticker; incl. 0.4
meter cable; 3 SMA connectors
M2-MA2 Multiband dome antenne long cable
Antenna for M2-MVB; multiband: 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi & GPS; fixation by screwbold or sticker; incl. 3 meter cable; 3 SMA connectors
M2-MA3 Multiband dome antenne with magnet mount
Antenna for MVB-HD; multiband: 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi & GPS; fixation by strong tripod magnet mount; incl. 3 meter cable; 3 SMA connectors
M2-PS1 Veracity VCS-4P1-MOB – POE Switch
Power Over Ethernet (POE) Switch for usage of 4 POE cameras with total power consumption above 25 watt; 12v/24v powered
M2-128 128GB Memory for MVB-HD
Fast 128GB (SD Card) internal storage for M2-MVB. Instead of installed storage
M2-PC1 Power cable 12-24V
Power cable with Molex connector to bare leads; 12V/24V supporting; fit for switched power use
M2-PC2 Power adapter 230v-12V
230V wall power adapter for M2-MVB; incl Molex connector; Euro connector; 40 Watt
M2-PC3 Power cable 12V with cigaret plug
12V supply for M2-MVB; incl Molex connector; cigaret power plug for in vehicles use
M2-CA1 Ethernet CAT5 cable 1M
Ethernet CAT5 cable to connect IP camera, encoder or F series main unit to M2-MVB; color: black; 1 meter
M2-CA2 Analoge PTZ assembly
Cable to connect analoge PTZ camera to M2-MVB; incl. 12-24V camera power supply; RS232 support; incl. CAT5 cable. Works with T1-PCA analogue PTZ vehicle camera