Body-worn video

Mobile video

Zepcam mobile video is a powerful solution to wirelessly stream IP cameras. It is a robust and affordable solution for vehicle cameras, remote area security and rapid deployment cameras in situations where connectivity via Wifi, 3G or 4G is the best option.

The solution exists of IP cameras connected to the Zepcam MVB and the Zepcam back end software. Full HD video footage of the IP cameras is recorded on the MVB and wirelessly streamed via 3G, 4G or Wifi.

Zepcam Active Link technology makes sure a robust and secure video link keeps on working, also with dynamic cellular networks and poor bandwidth.

Zepcam Mobile video is an ideal companion for Zepcam bodycams. It allows for video footage and real time video of professionals on the move, no matter if they are inside or outside their vehicle.

Cameras and streaming behavior can be fully managed remotely. Integration with existing video management systems is possible and easy to set up.

Mobile video