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Zepcam Desktop Software

The Zepcam Desktop Software is part of the Zepcam Docking Station solution.This software takes care of automatically transfer and storage of recorded videos on Zepcam devices.

The Zepcam Desktop Software makes the use of Zepcam body worn devices real easy and fast: no manual transfer of data anymore.

The advantages of using the Zepcam Desktop Software:

  • –       works together with the Zepcam Docking station
  • –       Simultane charging of Zepcam devices and automatic transfer of video files form device to connected computer
  • –       Copied files are automatic deleted on the Zepcam
  • –       More efficiency and ease of use. No more manual copy and delete of recorded videos
  • –       Software works on Windows computers
  • –       Select your own map on the compuer to copy files to
  • –       Secure connection (only authorised software gives access to connected Zepcams
  • –       Automatic firmware update of connected Zepcam devices