Public Transport

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Mobile video solutions for improved safety of public and personnel

Unfortunately, the use of aggression against personnel and passengers within the public transport sector is no longer an exception. The use of installed cameras in buses, trams, metros and trains only offer a partial solution. Mobile and body worn video cameras can play a vital complementary role.

Zepcam has been developing practical and versatile end-to-end mobile video solutions in collaboration with end users for years. These professional solutions offer the possibility to stream live video and review  the recorded footage. The additional effects of the deployment of bodycams is the enhanced a sense of safety for the staff in the field and the de-escalating effect, make bodycams ideal for public safety and transport services.

Our service does not end with supplying the systems. Where needed the expert staff of Zepcam provides support, day and night. Our R&D department develops the camera and video systems by working together with the end-users, in order to always cater the latest needs and requirements of our clients..


Zepcam mobile video systems: broad range of use

Video (and audio) evidence: for the benefit of police or insurance

Improved safety for personnel and travelers: de-escalating effect of visibly worn bodycams (for example for ticket control teams)

Enhancing the situational awareness: colleagues or the control center can watch remotely and provide guidance.

Mobile camera security in and around the vehicle there where CCTV has no coverage.

Flexible extra security of risky shifts and/or lines when and where it is needed.


The advantages offered by Zepcam

  • End-to-end solution: camera, wireless conection, back end solution and viewing software
  • Ruggedized bodycam or mobile video system, extremely reliable and easy to use
  • Solid mount to uniform, head or vehicle
  • Privacy: the employee in the field is in control of live transmision
  • Secure transmission and storage
  • Integration possible with video managent software and command & control centres
  • A modular system that is flexibel and future proof
  • European technology: in house R&D, excellent service, fast response


Zepcam has developed its mobile video solutions close cooperation with end users from the industrie. Our own R&D department enables us to quickly develop and customize new accessories or functionalities.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”64px”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/12″][/vc_column][/vc_row]