Setup - Zepcam


First time setup of your Zepcam product


Product: Zepcam T2


A. Setup with Zepcam Single dock

The single docking station can be connected to a PC, laptop or server.

The Zepcam Connect software will automatically take care of moving movies or photos to your pc, laptop or network share as well as charging the camera.

You must obtain the Zepcam Connect Software via your Zepcam administrator.

For offload, it is also possible to connect/pair the Zepcam Connect Software with your Zepcam Core Server or the Zepcam Cloud.


1. Run the Setup file to install the Zepcam Connect Software

2. Make sure the program is running (see window:)

  1. 3. For first time use, the Zepcam Connect Software has the be paired with the Zepcam Cloud or own Zepcam Server. 
  2. Contact your Zepcam Administrator for a paring code;
  3. Go to Preferences and select the Server Settings tab and enter the paring code:
  4. When pairing is completed you will see the following main window:
  5. 4. Place your new Zepcam T2 in the single dock.
  6. 5. Connect the single dock with USB cable to your PC;
  7. If this is the first time, the program will ask you to enter the PIN:

PIN has been supplied to you together with the Zepcam T2.
The program will remember this PIN to authenticate the camera automatically in the future.

6. The movies and photos will be transferred from the camera to your computer; After the download, the camera will shut down.

  1. 7. The program will show “Finished” after the operation is complete:

  1. 8. Charging will go on until the battery is full (blue led 8 will go dark or flashing quickly)
  2. 9. Click “Video folder” to access your movies and photos on your computer or network share.
  3. 10. “Preferences” can be used to change:
  • Program settings
  • Preferred settings of the camera
  • PINs of one or more cameras
  • In most cases, the default settings will be suitable


B. Setup with Zepcam Docking Station

The Zepcam docking station should already be connected to and paired with the Zepcam Core Server Software via USB, WAN or LAN.

The Zepcam Docking Station software will automatically take care of downloading movies from the Zepcam T1 as well as (power) charging the camera.


  1. 1. Place your camera in the Zepcam Docking Station.
  2. 2. The T2 is automatically paired with the Zepcam Docking Station
  3. 3. Via the Zepcam Manager, users can be assigned to this new T2 (ask your administrator to perform this).
  4. 4. The movies and photos will be uploaded from the camera to Zepcam Docking Station and from the Zepcam Docking Station to the Zepcam Server or Zepcam Cloud; After upload to the Zepcam Docking Station the camera will shut down automatically.
  5. 5. Charging will go on until the battery is full (blue led 8 will go dark or flashing quickly).
  6. 6. Check the Zepcam Manager for the latestvideos and photos.