Setup - Zepcam


First time setup of your Zepcam product

  1. Thanks for buying a Zepcam T2 body camera. We hope you will enjoy our product as much as we enjoyed creating it.
    Before starting please check:
  2. • If the product or the packaging is not visibly damaged.
  3. • Make sure all the packaging content is complete (camera, clip, docking station, usb cable, charger, Pin code sticker)
  4. • Do not attempt to use the device with missing or damaged parts.

The Zepcam T2 is provided with a single docking station; The single docking station is used to charge and offload data using a PC or laptop with Zepcam Connect software installed.

  • • Your Zepcam T2 must be connected by a USB cable to a PC or a laptop with Zepcam Connect installed.
    Zepcam Connect is supported on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.
    Zepcam Connect will automatically take care of downloading movies to your computer and/ or offloading them to the Zepcam Server or Cloud as well as charging the camera (for charging only, it is advised to use the USB charger that comes with the T2 bodycam. This makes charging faster than using the USB port of a PC).
    Zepcam Connect will be provided via a download link by your Zepcam contact person.

[Note] when the data is successfully copied and or offloaded, the data is automatically removed from the T2.

A. Setup with Zepcam Single dock

1. Run the Setup file to install the Zepcam Connect Software (provided by your Zepcam contact person).

2. When Zepcam Connect is newly installed and started for the first time it will ask for the unlock/pairing code: Choose between: unlock  software or unlock software and pair to server.

Contact your Zepcam contact person for an unlock or paring code.

“Unlock”: Only download movies to your local PC (Zepcam Connect can be paired later with the Zepcam Cloud or a Zepcam Server)
“Unlock software and pair to server”: copy movies to your local pc and/or offload movies to Zepcam Cloud or server.

  • When activation or pairing is completed successfully you will see the following main window:
  • 3. Connect the single dock with provided USB cable to your PC. Place the new Zepcam T2 in the single dock.
  1. 4. Place the new Zepcam T2 in the single dock:
  2. 5. If this is the first time the T2 is connected with Zepcam Connect, the program will ask you to enter the PIN:
  • [NOTE] The PIN has been supplied together with the Zepcam T2 (in the box).
    The program will remember this PIN to authenticate the camera automatically in the future.

6. The movies and photos will automatically be transferred from the camera to your computer. When movies are successfully transferred, they are automatically removed from the Zepcam T2.

  1. 7. The program will show “Finished” after the operation is complete:

  1. 8. Charging continues until the battery is full Blue led 8 will go off or flashing quickly when fully charged
  2. 9. Click “Video folder” to access your movies and photos on your computer or network share:
  3. 10. When accessing “Preferences” for the first time, you will be asked to create a Zepcam Connect Admin password (password prevents end users adjusting T2 settings):
  4. Pay attention to put a password you will remember. You will need it to make changes on your Zepcam T2 camera.
  5. 11. “Preferences” can be used to change:
  • • Program settings
  • • Preferred settings of the camera (T2 Camera Settings)
  • • PINs of one or more cameras (T2 Device Manager)
  • • Server Settings
  • In most cases, the default settings will be suitable


B. Setup with Zepcam Docking Station

The Zepcam T2 Docking Station makes recharging of T2 bodycams and data offload easy, secure and fast. Video data from T2 bodycams is transferred to the docking station and from the docking station offloaded to the server or cloud using an Ethernet cable.

The Zepcam Docking Station should already be connected to and paired with the Zepcam Core Server Software via WAN or LAN.

The Zepcam Docking Station software will automatically take care of downloading movies from the Zepcam T2 as well as (power) charging the camera.


  1. 1. Place the Zepcam T2 in docking station, make sure it is pushed down firmly in the docking station.
    2. The camera will power on (with a beep sound), The right T2 indicator is green and left T2 indicator is blue (Charging in progress)
    3. When new images or movies are available on the T2, the docking station starts downloading the content to its onboard hard disk. During download the led in front of the camera flashes red:

  2. 4. When all content of the T2 is downloaded to the hard disk of the docking station, the content will be offloaded to the Zepcam Cloud or Zepcam Server. During offload, the led in front of the camera flashes red and the top LED of the docking station is pulsing red (offloading to Zepcam Cloud or Zepcam Server).
    5. If the LED in front of the camera is red, T2 is being charged.
    6. If the right T2 LED indicator is off the T2 is being fast charged (the T2 is switched off during fast charging).
    7. If the left T2 indicator is off or flashes quickly and the LED in front of the camera is green, the T2 is ready for use (offloaded and fully charged).
  3. [Note] when the data is successfully copied and or offloaded, the data is automatically removed from the T2.