Smart ZEPCAM T2+ Docking Stations

No bodycam solution is complete without a docking station. ZEPCAM’s smart docking station for the T2+ is the only docking station commercially available today with integrated SSD storage capacity.

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What are ZEPCAM smart docking stations?

Our docking stations enable data buffering for network capacity optimisation. This allows for fast and economic bodycam battery recharging, which helps you to work as efficiently as possible. For security reasons, the recordings are transferred from the T2+ to the internal AES256 encrypted SSD. When the recordings from the SSD are transferred to the server, this is done with an encrypted AES256 link. T2+ cameras are authenticated by the server.

Professional Bodycams Smart Docking Stations - ZEPCAM

Key Features

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4 or 8 bay
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Dynamic User ID for pooled based bodycam use
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4 hour charging time
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Latest AES 256-bit encryption standard
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Gigabit ethernet to server
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SSD storage to allow data buffering