Mobile Video Platform - Zepcam

Zepcam Technology

European engineering, world wide applications


Zepcam is a Dutch technology company with a strong history and culture of innovation. Our in house engineering teams cover all aspects needed for mission-critical video applications: electronics, hardware, embedded software, server side software, client side software, UX design.

Creating complex, distributed and wireless video systems for mission-critical purposes requires an integrated approach of software and hardware. It’s not the easy way but the technology works better and faster.

Zepcam Mobile Video Platform

Open platform for professional mobile video applications


The Zepcam mobile video platform is an open architecture platform for body cams, vehicle cameras and wireless CCTV. The platform offers a comprehensive solution for video-on-the-move. It integrates and manages all aspects of the technical chain: video capture, video upload, wireless live streaming, storage, integration and management.

The platform consists of integrated hardware and software. Its architecture is open where possible, proprietary when needed.

Platform key functionalities

The Zepcam Mobile Video platform contains all functionalities necessary for running professional and scalable mobile video and body-worn video operations.

Proprietary technology

The platform is built on proprietary technology. This ensures very stable integration, superior technical performance and fast customisation. All key elements of the technical chain are based on proprietary in house developed technology. This includes electronics, embedded software, streaming technology, serverside software and client side technology.

Live Video Streaming Technology

Superior and robust video streaming over wireless and unreliable networks


Video is heavy on data, wireless networks are very dynamic by nature, clients demand real time and robust video from the field to command and control. Zepcam developed and optimised wireless streaming technology that solved this problem. With Zepcam Active Link Technology it is possible to stream real-time video and other data over fast changing wireless networks like 2G, 3G and 4G while keeping good quality video. The technology works network independent, over public and private mobile networks and is end-to-end encrypted.