Transport & Logistics

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Mobile camera systems for improved efficiency, cost reduction and safety

Securing valuable shipments, real-time view on what is happening on-site and more safety for employees: these are some of the reasons for using  Zepcam’s mobile videos.

Mobile video for transport trucks

Zepcam has been developing practical and versatile end-to-end mobile video solutions in collaboration with end users for years. Zepcam’s professional solutions offer the possibility to stream live video and review  the recorded footage., offer the use of mobile internet with a guaranteed connection and a reliable video storage platform.

Our service does not end with supplying the systems. Where needed, the expert staff of Zepcam provides support, day and night. Our R&D department develops the camera and video systems by working together with the end users, in order to always stay on top of the latest needs and requirements of transporters and logistic service providers.


Zepcam mobile video systems: broad range of use

Improved security of valuable transport: track, trace & video

Improved overview on-site locations: enables remote monitoring for colleagues, clients, control centers, etc.

More insight, better assessment possibilities: in salvage operations, road inspections, money transport, snow ploughing, etc.

Improved safety of employees: de-escalating effect of  visibly worn bodycams


The distinction offered by Zepcam

  • End-to-end solution: camera, wireless conection, back end solution and viewing software
  • Increase service andt ransparancy to clients, insurance company and road management
  • Cost savings: less employees needed on location to assess situation due to high quality video streams
  • Live video streams (3G, 4G,  WiFi) and GPS position and recorded video
  • Flexible in camera use (PTZ, fixed cameras, body cams)
  • Ruggedized bodycam or mobile video system, extremely reliable and easy to use
  • Secure transmission and storage
  • Integration possible with video managent software and command & control centres
  • A modular system that is flexibel and future proof


Zepcam has developed its mobile video solutions close cooperation with end users from the industrie. Our own R&D department enables us to quickly develop and customize new accessories or functionalities.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”64px”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/12″][/vc_column][/vc_row]