SUBJECT: Update | Zepcam operations unaffected & disinfection Zepcam equipment


Dear customer, partner or to whom it may concern in general,

Amid ongoing health concerns related to COVID-19, we are informing you that all ZEPCAM operations remain unaffected. We have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of our employees. We are putting in place measures to continue to support our customers though some of us may work remotely. Our customer support will be operational.

You can reach us using the regular channels:

Disinfecting Zepcam equipment
It is important to take hygiene seriously. In case you want to disinfect your bodycams (T1 Live, T2, T2+) or docking stations (and keypads) you can use alcohol or alcohol wipes. We advise you to do this in case the same equipment is used by different people.

We wish you good health and safety during these uncertain times.

Best Regards,