Dealing with the

unexpected as one team

Safer, better and rewarding work for all frontline professionals with ZEPCAM mobile video intelligence and evidence systems. Enable digital support from your organisation to ensure that employees can work safely and confidently. Never work alone in dealing with the unexpected through extra eyes in the field.

ZEPCAM’s system is compliant with and configurable to any privacy law or operational procedure and is integrable with other systems.

Your Eyes in the Field

ZEPCAM T3 Live Body Cam KMR
ZEPCAM bodycam solutions

Bodycam Solutions for Professionals

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Reliable and secure HD video streams and evidence management

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Easy to use for frontline professionals and managers

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Scalable from single users to nationwide roll out

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Adaptable to operational and reporting requirements

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Compliant and configurable to local (EU) privacy laws

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Open integration with video management and reporting systems

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Transparent and predictable total costs of ownership (TCO)

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Excellent customer support every step of the way

Zero Privacy Risks

Secure video processing, evidence management and operational integration that meet all European Union laws and regulations for justice and privacy.

There are no backdoors to your data storage. ZEPCAM provides, supports and services bodycam systems from within the European Union to hundreds of satisfied organisations in over forty countries. With ZEPCAM’s E.U. headquarters we comply to all GDPR regulations, including the verdicts resulting from Schrems II.

EU GDPR compliance

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