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ZEPCAM bodycams ensure employee and passenger safety from station to destination across your network. Central device and video management of local operations and recordings.

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Why bodycams are used in Public Transport 

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Video evidence

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Situational awareness

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ZEPCAM’s bodycams are praised by public transport workers for their effectiveness and ease of use. Wearing a visible bodycam has a clearly de-escalating effect and reduces the likelihood, number and impact of public transport-related incidents. Bodycam footage can also be used as evidence in criminal investigations and in the courtroom. From de-escalating conflicts that happen inside stations, to ensuring a peaceful journey on the road, ZEPCAM offers customisable bodycam solutions that are easy to use under all types of conditions. 

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The ZEPCAM is amazing and super robust. It gives us a feeling of safety that we can do our job safely

Dutch Railways

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Public Transport Solutions

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The ZEPCAM T3 Live with livestreaming capabilities is easy-to-use, robust and waterproof, and streams consistently through 4G or WiFi resulting in improved efficiency and communication for many industries.

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The ZEPCAM T2+ is a robust and easy-to-use body-worn camera with superior video quality, secure storage and unique video management features. Capture video, audio and GPS data under the most severe conditions by day and night.

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Bodycam GPS location - ZEPCAM Manager

ZEPCAM Manager

Best-in-class software for evidence, user, device and storage management. With many functionalities enabling officers to quickly access and utilise video footage to ensure transparent operations and access to forensic data.

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Bodycams manager - ZEPCAM


Store and and manage your data stand-alone (offline), in the ZEPCAM Cloud or on premise. Our open platform solution ensures easy third party integrations.

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