Bodycam police ZEPCAM tablet

More trust, less conflict

in a respectful society

By protecting and supporting frontline professionals in many sectors with the reliable and easy-to-use ZEPCAM bodycams when it really matters. Reducing the likelihood, number and impact of frontline incidents and conflicts. Gathering indisputable evidence that will stand up in court when necessary.

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Bodycam Solutions for Professionals

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Easy to use, mount and carry bodycams adaptable to each profession

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High quality video recording and streaming under severe day and night conditions

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End-to-end encrypted video storage, processing and management

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An innovative and easy-to-use Digital Evidence Management System with the latest and useful features

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A secure and solid software platform open for integration with other video sources and systems 

EU Compliant Evidence

Secure video processing, evidence management and operational integration that meet all European Union laws and regulations for justice and privacy.

Trusted by hundreds of satisfied and high-demanding organisations in over forty countries for whom data storage and management must meet the highest standards.

EU Compliant Bodycam Solutions

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