Integrated end-to-end Bodycam Solutions

Scalable, flexible and innovative Body-Worn Video Solutions that are easy to use, powered by an Open Software Platform that meets strict European Quality and Security Standards. Developed in collaboration with international Police Forces.

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Ease-to-use Hard- and Software

Our user-friendly and easy to implement mobile video solutions contain all the necessary features to make the work of frontline professionals safer and more effective. Our well-trained, highly valued team of professionals is always available to provide support, guidance and training.

Capture Video

Compact, easy to use and robust body camera solutions with flexible mounting systems.

Dock & Upload

Smart docking stations for data exchange and fast recharge of your body cameras.

Hosting & Storage

Store and and manage your data stand-alone, with Zepcam Cloud or on your own server. Our open platform solution ensure easy 3rd party integrations.

View & Manage

With Zepcam Manager you have easy access to video and other forensic data. Our solutions are 100% secure from end-to-end.

ZEPCAM Bodycam Boa
ZEPCAM body cam solutions for Public Transport
ZEPCAM Bodycam in action!

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