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Bodycam systems support protection and cooperation of security teams. They help guard facilities, goods and people from unexpected trespassers, thieves and criminals. Bodycams provide the ability to see, support and record and improve security operations. Leading to better, safer and more rewarding working conditions for all security officials.

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Why Private Security uses ZEPCAM bodycams

safety of staff


situational awareness

Situational awareness

efficient communication

Efficient communication

Open for integration

Cost efficient

Private security officials never work alone with ZEPCAM bodycam systems. They improve direct and efficient communication between the local team and the central control room. Enabling immediate and adequate central support for security officials in the field who often work in small teams or alone. The recorded video evidence ensures effective prosecution by the justice chain.

Bodycams and video management system
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Provide added value to security operations with the latest technology

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Easy to use by security officers in the field, and managers from central command to livestream and record operations

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Open for integration with other video management, evidence and reporting systems

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Transparent and predictable total costs of ownership

Professional Bodycams ZEPCAM Quote

The T3 Live is an awesome device that provides instant and efficient communication, allows for equally quick responses from the control room and security officials, and has resulted in frontline professionals feeling safer during their work in the field.

DeltaSafe Groep B.V.

Private Security Customer Stories

ZEPCAM Solutions for Private Security

private security bodycams-ZEPCAM T3 Live


The T3 Live 4G bodycam with optional external camera is a robust, IP68 bodycam that is easy to use, secure and has excellent battery life. Livestream and record video, audio and GPS data at various resolutions during the day, inside or at night with infrared instantly from the site to a central control room. The many features are configurable to your company’s needs. With a programmable alarm button send instant back-up for lone security guards on site.

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private security bodycams-ZEPCAM Manager

ZEPCAM Manager

Best-in-class, configurable open software platform with integrations to your video management systems. With crucial features such as server side recording, viewing 9 concurrent livestreams with GPS and complete reporting and analytics capabilities, ZEPCAM Manager has all the necessary elements for efficient security operations with direct support from your central control room.

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private security bodycams-Secure Server

ZEPCAM Secure Server

ZEPCAM offers Secure Servers located in Europe, with flexible options for local or country-based servers. Store and manage your evidence securely and access livestreams quickly and efficiently, allowing for direct and adequate back-up for your security teams working on site.

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Private Security bodycam mounts

Bodycam Mounts

ZEPCAM offers a wide variety of mounts for all possible security operations. From full-body harnesses to compact but powerful magnet mounts, from clips to sew-on docks that are incorporated in your company’s uniforms. Record and livestream all that is seen, experienced and heard by your security guards on site and offer direct, adequate support to your employees.

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Our Private Security Customers

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ZEPCAM mobile video support, intelligence and evidence systems enable private security officials to deal with the (unexpected) events that come with their job. Providing them with the team support to do their work more safely, effectively and confidently. Every hour, day, month and year with better information, innovation and integration from ZEPCAM for over a decade.

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