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Remote workers in engineering, maintenance and construction are often faced with unexpected situations. With bodycam systems they can get real-time connection, input and support to do a better, safer and faster job for the end customer. They record what was actually encountered and how they resolved that as video evidence. Bodycam systems thereby improve safety and productivity.

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Why Technical Services use ZEPCAM bodycams

efficient communication

Central guidance & support

Efficient communication

Efficient communication


Process improvement

Teaching and training

Training & teaching

Remote workers never work alone with ZEPCAM bodycam systems. The livestreaming enables immediate and adequate support from more experienced colleagues in a central operations center. And the recorded video evidence ensures effective and efficient reporting and invoicing of the work done.

Bodycams and video management system
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Reliable and secure HD livestreaming and evidence management

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Easy to use by frontline professionals and managers to stream and record

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Open for integration with other video management, evidence and reporting systems

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Transparent and predictable total costs of ownership TCO

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The ZEPCAM is super robust. It allows us to do our job with more safety and efficiency. Livestreaming allows for instant and direct support of our employees in the field.

ZEPCAM Solutions for Technical Services



The ZEPCAM T3 Live with livestreaming capabilities is easy to use, robust and waterproof, and streams consistently through 4G or Wi-Fi resulting in improved efficiency and communication for many industries.

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The ZEPCAM T2+ is a robust and easy-to-use body-worn camera with superior video quality, secure storage and unique video management features. Capture video, audio and GPS data under the most severe conditions by day and night.

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ZEPCAM Manager Solutions

ZEPCAM Manager

Best-in-class software for evidence, user, device and storage management. With many functionalities enabling transparent operations, redaction to ensure privacy compliance and role-based access to video evidence.

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Bodycams manager - ZEPCAM

ZEPCAM Secure Server

Store and and manage your data securely on one of ZEPCAM’s servers in your own country, or those of your organisation (on-premise). Our open platform solution ensures easy third party integrations.

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ZEPCAM mobile video support, intelligence and evidence systems enable technical service professionals to deal with the (unexpected) events that come with their job. Providing them with the team support to do their work more safely, effectively and confidently. Every hour, day, month and year with better information, innovation and integration from ZEPCAM for over a decade.

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