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The ZEPCAM T2+ Professional Bodycam is the #1 camera to protect frontline professionals. Bodycams represent your organisation’s authority and allows frontline professionals to always be supported in the field. Bodycams stimulate good behaviour and reduce the number of incidents by up to 80%. Should an event occur, bodycams prove useful to defend a public servant’s response. ZEPCAM delivers on its promise with superior reliability and usability for the frontline professional when it really counts.

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This is the ZEPCAM T2+ Professional Bodycam

The ZEPCAM T2+ is a robust and easy-to-use body-worn camera with superior video quality, secure storage and unique video management features. Developed in collaboration with international police forces, it is the first choice of major cities and organisations across the globe. The lightweight T2+ bodycam is easy to carry and use by all kinds of professionals such as law enforcement, private security, public transport, fire brigades, healthcare, retail and delivery. The footage with audio and GPS are recorded, offloaded and stored encrypted to be viewed and managed with ZEPCAM Manager Software by authorised staff only. Frontline workers count on it to provide concrete evidence and to de-escalate potential incidents. With the ZEPCAM T2+ bodycam they never have to work alone. Capture video, audio and GPS data under the most severe conditions by day and night with the ZEPCAM T2+, which regularly receives best-in-class status after rigorous testing by police test panels. 


  • The T2+ bodycam has successfully been implemented by many law enforcement organisations and has resulted in a reduction of aggressive or abusive incidents.
  • Police departments in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, The Czech Republic, Dubai, Singapore and many more have implemented their own ZEPCAM’s T2+ bodycam solution with great success.
  • Local law enforcement organisations such as municipal police, traffic wardens, public transport security and private security have successfully implemented their own T2+ bodycam solution, resulting in safer and improved working conditions for these frontline professionals and public servants.
  • Testing by many of these international organisations has resulted in the ZEPCAM T2+’s status as best-in-class in terms of footage and metadata quality, usability and robustness.
  • When necessary ZEPCAM’s T2+ bodycam has provided indisputable evidence that holds up in courts worldwide. 

Professional BodyCam T2 - 3D ZEPCAM

Key Features

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Filming by day and night under all severe conditions

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Latest AES 256-bit encryption standard
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Up to 12 hours battery life

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Video resolution: 1920x1080p, 1280x720p, 840x480p

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Pre-event recording: Up to 60s for all resolutions

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Location: GPS during recording, in-device GPS capture. Not dependent on smartphone GPS connection

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