ZEPCAM Manager

For more successful frontline bodycam operations


ZEPCAM Manager Software is provided to run and manage all aspects of your body-worn camera operation: devices, users, settings, authorisations, viewing, sharing and managing videos as (legal) evidence and actionable data for a range of purposes.



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Easy to use software adaptable to your legal, organisational and system requirements

ZEPCAM Manager is the integrated solution to run and manage all your evidence and data. It is fast, efficient and easy to use and available as a software-as-a-service or On-Premise solution. It includes many functionalities enabling frontline professionals to quickly access and use video footage. In order to guarantee transparent operations and access to forensic data. ZEPCAM Manager, along with the accompanying bodycam solutions are completely secure (GDPR compliant), scalable and affordable: from standalone deployments to nation-wide roll outs. ZEPCAM Manager software supports integration with client and third party systems.

ZEPCAM Manager- Mobile video intelligence

Key Features

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Manage users, devices and video evidence

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View livestreams and GPS location

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Redaction options for images and audio

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Reporting & auditing

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Flexible and scalable storage options

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API for integration with client systems