Fire Brigades

Firefighters risk their lives daily to save people and their property. They sometimes experience unexpected obstruction, aggression or violent escalations. Bodycam systems provide the team with a tool for de-escalation, support and evidence collection in the field. Livestreaming offers instant communication and support when necessary.

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Why Firefighters use ZEPCAM bodycams

safety of staff


situational awareness

Situational awareness

efficient communication

Efficient communication

Teaching and training

Training & teaching

The ZEPCAM system has livestreaming capabilities for real-time oversight, coordination, direct communication and support of any fire brigade operation. With ZEPCAM you’ll never work alone. If aggressors attempt to interfere, the bodycam system provides the brigade with undisputable legal evidence for prosecution.

Bodycams and video management system
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Direct, continuous support on the ground through bodycams and livestreaming

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Improved training and evaluation with bodycam systems to improve future best practices

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Configurable and adaptable to local (EU) privacy laws, operations and reporting

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Excellent customer service for continuous operations

Professional Bodycams ZEPCAM Quote

We appreciate this solution very much, which corresponds in every way to the law decree imposed by the French Ministry.

French Fire Department representative

Fire Brigade Customer Stories

ZEPCAM Solutions for Fire Brigades

fire brigade bodycams -T2+ T3 Live

ZEPCAM T2+ & T3 Live

The ZEPCAM T2+ and T3 Live 4G bodycams-with optional external camera are robust, rugged bodycams that are easy to use, secure and have excellent battery life. Record and livestream video, audio and GPS data at various resolutions during any firefighting operation day or night with infrared. The many features are configurable to your departmental and operational needs.

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Fire brigades-ZEPCAM Manager

ZEPCAM Manager

Best-in-class, configurable open software platform with crucial features such as privacy complaint multi-level authorisation and complete reporting and analytics capabilities. View 9 concurrent livestreams with GPS of any operation for increased situational awareness and instantaneous, visual communication. ZEPCAM Manager has all the necessary elements for secure and reliable evidence recording so that no crime against firefighters goes unpunished.

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Fire brigades bodycams-Secure Server

ZEPCAM Secure Server

ZEPCAM offers Secure Servers located in Europe, with flexible options for local or country-based servers. The ZEPCAM On-Premise solution offers all the same benefits through servers installed at your own department. Store and manage your evidence securely and access livestreams from your department’s operations quickly and efficiently.

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Fire brigade bodycam mounts

Bodycam Mounts

ZEPCAM offers a wide variety of mounts for all possible operational needs. From full-body harnesses to compact but powerful magnet mounts, from clips to sew-on docks that are incorporated in your department’s uniforms Record and livestream all that is seen and heard by your firefighters at the scene from the most advantageous angles.

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Our Fire Brigade Customers

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ZEPCAM mobile video support, intelligence and evidence systems enable firefighters to deal with the (unexpected) events that come with their job. Providing them with the team support to do their work more safely, effectively and confidently. Every hour, day, month and year with better information, innovation and integration from ZEPCAM for over a decade.

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