Belgian police zones choose a ZEPCAM solution

This week officially marked the expansion of ZEPCAM in various Belgian police zones. Police zone Marlow, subject of our earlier customer story, expanded their ZEPCAM bodycam solution. Furthermore, police zone Kastze joined their colleagues as a new zone implementing a ZEPCAM bodycam solution. Their new ZEPCAM T2+ bodycams and Video Management System will be fully operational this week as more and more Belgian police choose a ZEPCAM solution.

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Police zone Kastze acquires a ZEPCAM bodycam solution

As bodycam solutions become more widespread in Belgium, the police zone Kastze decided it was necessary to implement their own bodycam solution. Their security plan for 2020-2025 also mentions the need to flexibly adapt to modern issues. As society and technology advance continuously, so must police organisations adjust and advance by properly utilising modern technology, and to put it to use for serving society.

The police zone Kastze analysed the results from many police zones that use ZEPCAM and other bodycams. Afterwards, they conducted a pilot program to test whether various bodycams fit to their specific needs. It has now been decided that ZEPCAM bodycams will be implemented. The bodycams will be fully operational this week and will start being used by the police zone Kastze and for the communities they interact with.

The police zone Kastze will use the bodycams to record interactions with the public, and police actions when necessary. They will use the bodycams in accordance with Belgium laws, by clearly stating the activation of bodycams whenever they will be used. The police zone Kastze hopes that the bodycams will record the good work done by its officers, that they will provide transparency in an ever more digital world, and that they will provide an answer to the often incomplete filming of interactions with bystanders.

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