Livestreaming bodycam supports communication and safety for frontline professionals

The ZEPCAM T3 Livestreaming bodycam supports DeltaSafe Groep with improved communication and safety. DeltaSafe Groep has been at the forefront of security in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas for 25 years, and has now officially partnered with ZEPCAM. ZEPCAM’s T3 Live bodycam excellently serves their needs, as well as the needs of their clients through direct, instantaneous visual communication. The T3 Live is already in use, and currently serves to protect journalists working for major media company.  

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The question of how best to serve the security needs of their customers led director of DeltaSafe Groep, Peter Wolfs, to ZEPCAM’s newest bodycam, the T3 Live. The decision was made to offer the services of the ZEPCAM T3 Live through their organisation. In order to realise more efficient communication between their control room, and clients and security officials ‘on the ground’. 

The challenge: creating safe working conditions for frontline all professionals

“Service providers, from security guards to paramedics and journalists, will at some point be confronted with unsafe situations.” Threats, mistreatment and violence are everyday experiences for frontline professionals working in the field. This unfortunate reality is something that DeltaSafe Groep addresses through their wide-ranging services. Security officials, site security equipment such as cameras and alarms, and a state-of-the-art control room protect customers’ interests 24 hours a day. The challenge, to facilitate quick and efficient communication during an escalating incident, is a consistent question for many organisations offering protective measures. Service providers working on the frontline need, and have the right, to do their work safely. 

With traditional bodycam systems evidence is collected and used in civil & criminal investigations after an incident has taken place. What DeltaSafe Groep needed was a bodycam that would instantaneously connect to their control room, allowing employees to see directly what is happening and enabling them to act accordingly. To protect customers’ interests and safety, they decided to offer the services of ZEPCAM’s T3 Live through their ecosystem; the Deltacam Live Response.

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ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam

ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam

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“The T3 Live is an awesome device that provides instant and efficient communication, allows for equally quick responses from the control room and security officials, and has resulted in frontline professionals feeling safer during their work in the field. I recommend this technology for all organisations dealing with the issue of how to improve the safety of their frontline staff.” 

Peter Wolfs

Director and owner of DeltaSafe Groep

The solution: the ZEPCAM T3 Live benefits efficient and quick communication 

To adress modern problems there is a need to use the latest technology to make the working conditions of frontline professionals who deal with the public better and safer. Through the ZEPCAM T3 livestreaming bodycam, frontline professionals are directly and instantaneously connected to the DeltaSafe control room whenever a situation threatens to escalate uncontrollably. Deltasafe employees are able to instantly analyse the live images and take immediate action when it is necessary. The organisation found that the ZEPCAM T3 livestreaming bodycam supports communication and safety for frontline professionals. 

The Deltacam Live Response- Powered by ZEPCAM results in: 

  • Complete situational awareness for a control room, with direct feeds to the police when necessary.
  • Being able to manage actions in the field in real-time, from a distance and improve decision making. 
  • Security and safety for frontline professionals as they are always connected and can instantly be supported in the field when necessary.
  • Increased feelings of safety with the knowledge of being supported by the security team and law enforcement.
  • Improved efficiency and communication between frontline professionals, security officials and law enforcement.

The rugged, intuitive ZEPCAM T3 Live is easy to use, reliable and provides razor sharp audio and video whenever, wherever.

DeltaSafe Groep also plans to use the ZEPCAM T3 Live for its security officials: they see the bodycam as a useful addition to their gear. The bodycam can benefit the situational awareness of security operations, as well as provide the communication technology to efficiently and quickly respond to developments ‘on the ground’.  ZEPCAM proudly collaborates with DeltaSafe Groep for the direct and continuous support of frontline professionals in many industries.  

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