Police – Body Camera Solutions

Zepcam’s first major customer was the Dutch Police ten years ago. By now, our T2+ body camera has become the system of choice for many other police and law enforcement organisations across the globe.

Our Zepcam police solutions are developed in close collaboration with the end-users. Ruggedized, easy to use and extremely reliable. Providing video, audio and GPS evidence. With the latest security features. Powered by an open software platform that meets strict European and quality and security standards.

T2+ Bodycam

Capture video, audio and GPS with the ZEPCAM robust bodycam with superior video quality, secure storage and unique video management features.

Smart docking stations

The only docking station commercially available today with integrated SSD storage capacity.

ZEPCAM Hosting & Storage

Flexible Cloud based, On-premise or Stand-alone hosting & storage solutions.

ZEPCAM Manager

Best of-class software for video management. In-house developed by Zepcam professionals.

ZEPCAM Starter Package

Your turn-key starter package. Build you own set-up by multiplying the package.