Accelerating bodycam procurement for immediate protection of local law enforcers

Yes it can be done: overcoming bureaucratic necessities with true leadership to get immediate protection and putting the safety of frontline professionals first. This has been proven by the mayor of Schagen personally ensuring that it took just one week from initial request, to implementing a ZEPCAM bodycam system for their local law enforcement officers just before the Christmas period.

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It can take a disconcertingly long time for a governmental organisation to select, buy and implement a bodycam system. But many others have already gone through that process successfully before them. Other municipalities can, and should, accelerate procurement to more rapidly protect frontline professionals against ongoing aggression. Every incident is one too many.   

When it comes to the safety of employees there is no time to waste. This was exemplified by the Mayor of Schagen Marjan van Kampen, who took immediate action when it was clear that local law enforcement officers need bodycams in combination with fixed cameras to make and keep the centre of Schagen safe for all citizens.

Research already done and proof delivered elsewhere

Years of research already overcame initial doubts by proving the positive impact, without negative side effects, of bodycam systems. They are now demanded by law enforcement professionals from their employers in many developed countries. Local municipalities in the Netherlands are no exception. In the city of Utrecht for example 88% of boa’s (local law enforcement officers) voted for bodycam solutions. Based on all the proven effectiveness and resounding support it is up to local mayors, governors and councils to ensure their frontline professionals are equipped and protected as soon as possible as well.

“There is no time to waste for municipalities to give every law enforcement officer the protection they need and deserve, to keep our society safe in these trying times. Every day spent on compliance may prove one too many.”

– Jurriaan Pröpper – CEO ZEPCAM

Municipality of Schagen minimises bodycam procurement process to one week

The incidents and tensions in the centre of Schagen are the reasons to equip and protect their local law enforcement officers, like those in many other municipalities in the Netherlands. The approaching holiday season, in combination with another lockdown for Covid-19, made the mayor decide to purchase and deploy a ZEPCAM bodycam system in combination with a CCTV system. Just as fast as the decision, ZEPCAM partner Disseldorp was able to deliver the needed T2+ bodycams, docking stations, software and training just before this Christmas. Meaning that from the moment of request it took only one week for the ZEPCAM bodycam solution to be fully operational. Now local law enforcement in Schagen can conduct their duties more safely and securely, according to the article by reporter Richard Zut in the Noordhollands Dagblad newspaper:

“In conversation with our boa’s (local law enforcement), I often hear that they are insulted or threatened in their position. That is unacceptable. These people are there to keep our community safe and liveable. Especially during the Corona crisis, we notice how dependent we are on those people who stand for our safety and health. That is why we ensure that our people have good equipment and can therefore do their work more safely.”

– Marjan van Kampen: Mayor of Schagen

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