Bodycams improve training and evaluation for Spinel Veiligheidscentrum

Many fire brigades in the Netherlands use the services of Spinel Veiligheidscentrum to train their frontline professionals for active duty. They differentiate by using ZEPCAM T2+ bodycams during training. Instructors found that bodycams improve training and evaluation of trainees. It also acts as supporting measure to reflect on the work done by trainees during their intense preparations for becoming firefighters.

Bodycams ZEPCAM round below

The challenge: finding the right tools for training, evaluation and assessment

Traditionally an instructor is constantly with the trainees, following, watching, assessing and creating evaluation reports to improve the tactics and actions of firefighters. The evaluation reports are shared and discussed, and further tips are given through the feedback. Spinel Veiligheidscentrum has to differentiate its training and make it as modern and engaging as possible for prospective firefighters.

What Spinel Veiligheidscentrum found is that during such high intensity training it is often hard to see the actions and interactions of firefighters in training. Many things happen during a live fire event, and many actions are required of the trainees. They needed a tool to further boost the view of, and information available for instructors. Also, they needed something to show the trainees their actions in order to pinpoint exact moments where improvements can be made. This led them to the ZEPCAM T2+ bodycam, which has helped them conduct many rounds of training so far.

Products used

Professional BodyCam T2 - ZEPCAM

T2+ Bodycam

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T3 Live

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Bodycam GPS location - ZEPCAM Manager 2

ZEPCAM Manager

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The solution:  bodycams to improve training and evaluation for instructors and firefighters

Spinel Veiligheidscentrum found that bodycams improve training and evaluation through footage. It can greatly improve the visibility of training processes, and support the creation of a total picture of the developments during training sessions. Instructors and trainees wear the ZEPCAM T2+ bodycam. The trainees are followed through their drills, constantly assessing their actions and recording them for later use. Then, the ZEPCAM T2+ footage is offloaded through the docking station quickly, and is ready for assessment the same day, during the same training session.

What instructors found when analysing the bodycam footage, was that it improved the level information and data available to them. This lead to several positive benefits. Bodycam footage provided their instructors with:

  • A modern technological tool for assessment and evaluation.
  • A total picture of the drills conducted during the training; leading to improved oversight for the instructor.
  • Footage which captured details or elements that were not analysed during the drill, but afterwards. This results in more data and further improvements of firefighter actions on the ground.
  • Footage which is incredibly valuable for showing trainees their actions and pinpointing results, as well as elements that need addressing.
  • A tool that improves the process of setting and achieving goals by trainees.
  • Footage that trainees could take home to analyse, share and show their training drills. This is an added bonus compared to more traditional training methods.

The instructors at Spinel Veiligheidscentrum are happy with the quality of footage provided through the ZEPCAM T2+ bodycam. They also use ZEPCAM Manager to analyse, pinpoint and create notes to further improve training processes.

The future of firefighter training: Livestreaming drills through the ZEPCAM T3 Live

This week instructors also piloted the ZEPCAM T3 Live for their training centre. Instructors indicated the added benefit of livestreaming to their training operations. Livestreaming bodycams:

  • Increase the total overview of the positions during drills, and the performances delivered by the participant during the exercises.
  • Added oversight for instructors by seeing how trainees act as a team, with all individual actions shown in real-time, on the same screen in ZEPCAM Manager.
  • Live assessment of the actions of firefighters, allowing for more real-time instructions as training drills are being conducted.

The ZEPCAM T3 Live will be tested in the coming period. ZEPCAM, through our partner Disseldorp Techniek will work closely with Spinel Veiligheidscentrum to provide the best bodycam solutions for their needs.

Firefighter training with ZEPCAM T3 Live
Firebrigade with ZEPCAM Manager
Firefighters training with ZEPCAM T3 Live
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