How Finland is protecting parking inspectors with ZEPCAM bodycams

After being selected by more than 50 Dutch municipalities, ZEPCAM bodycams are also chosen by multiple local law enforcement officers in Finland. Finnish parking enforcers are the latest group to become increasingly equipped with ZEPCAM bodycams.

Bodycams ZEPCAM round below

Earlier this month, the Finnish police announced that they will launch the use of bodycams throughout the country this spring. However, as Finland introduced the limited use of bodycams in 2018, several municipal parking enforcers have already been using them for a while. 

Wearing bodycams results in less threatening incidents

Bodycams have a clearly de-escalating effect – something parking attendants in the Finnish cities Vaasa and Jyväskylä can confirm. Parking inspectors from these cities told Finnish broadcasting company Yle that they experienced significantly less threatening incidents since they started performing their duties wearing a bodycam.

In Jyväskylä, one in nine of its metre readers wears a bodycam. This has led to the almost total disappearance of abusive language and threats aimed at parking attendants. In smaller cities, more parking space and the influence of the pandemic is causing people to drive less, resulting in less parking-related issues in general.

Bodycams introduced in Kotka

In order to minimise the aggressive behaviour of motorists, the Finnish town and municipality Kotka is planning to introduce bodycams this summer to support its parking enforcement officers.

Kotka is no stranger to violence, with 25 reported threatening incidents in 2020, one of which involved an angry motorist trying to run over a city parking attendant.

Kotka parking inspectors will be expected to turn their bodycams on whenever a conflict is in the making. Parking inspectors are obligated to notify the other party that they will switch the camera on. Video footage can provide evidence that will stand up in court, benefitting both inspectors and drivers. The importance of getting the facts and seeing exactly what happens in a particular situation, is something which legally aids both parties.

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