ParkerenDelft implements bodycams for safety and evidence collection

Parking enforcement officers and boa’s (local law enforcement) working in Delft, the Netherlands, have officially received their ZEPCAM T2+ bodycams this February. Officials and frontline staff hope the bodycams will increase safety and improve working conditions, as well as provide clear evidence for prosecution when necessary.

Bodycams ZEPCAM round below

ZEPCAM T2+ bodycams for parking enforcement officers in Delft.

In February ParkerenDelft implemented a ZEPCAM bodycam solution. The safety of staff is of crucial importance to the organisation. After analysing information on the effectiveness of bodycams from research, and use cases in many sectors in the Netherlands and abroad, officials of ParkerenDelft decided they were necessary for their own frontline professionals. Officials needed something to combat the fact that employees incidentally experience verbal or physically aggressive behaviour. Furthermore, they needed a tool that could securely collect and save evidence for prosecution. These needs led them to ZEPCAM’s bodycam solutions, which officials hope will:

  • Help improve the safety and working conditions of parking enforcement officers: the use of bodycams will work preventively and can promote de-escalation
  • Provide good quality footage for indisputable evidence
  • Offer another tool for training and evaluation, leading to improved best practices in the future.

In their bodycam protocol ParkerenDelft clearly indicates that the bodycams and recordings are handled in a secure and GDPR compliant way. The bodycam footage is safely offloaded through an encrypted process, not accessible for anyone, and stored on secured servers for only a short period of time. If the bodycam footage is needed for prosecution, the footage is stored for as long as required. A bodycam training was provided by the organisation through boatrainer. It already resulted in some opinions regarding the use of bodycams and the resulting footage. Employees found that the bodycams can be useful for:

  • Recording an entire interaction, including pre-recordings, so that any evidence collected is complete and contains the necessary elements for prosecution
  • Both indoor and outdoor settings; footage was clear throughout
  • Providing audio which also recorded the necessary facts, even when an offense was not captured on video
  • Increased feelings of safety for parking enforcement officers

ZEPCAM proudly serves the needs of frontline professionals in many industries, and will continue to work closely with our partner Disseldorp Techniek to provide ParkerenDelft with the bodycam solution that best fits their needs.

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ZEPCAM Manager used by parking enforcers

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