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New developments in society are leading to more abuse targeted at frontline workers. Bodycams are peaceful devices, which come before the use of weapons and stimulate good behaviour. The bodycam has proven to prevent or de-escalate incidents, making it an essential tool for all frontline workers. Bodycams add transparency to your operations and are useful for training and evaluation purposes

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The benefits of bodycams

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Video evidence

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Situational awareness

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ZEPCAM’s bodycams are praised by frontline professionals across the globe for their robustness, quality and usability. Bodycams are used by police forces, law enforcement officers, healthcare personnel, fire brigades, engineers, private security and delivery workers. Wearing a clearly visible body camera positively influences behaviour. A body camera has been proven to reduce aggression and the likelihood, number and impact of frontline incidents and conflicts. Bodycam videos and metadata can also be used in the courtroom and as evidence to support criminal investigations. In addition, body cameras are useful for training and evaluation purposes and add clarity to your operations. ZEPCAM bodycam solutions are developed in collaboration with international police forces and are fully customizable to suit your needs. Thanks to the de-escalating properties of bodycams, the use of weapons is less necessary in the pursuit of more trust and less conflict in a respectful society.

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Wearing a bodycam significantly reduces the number of incidents and makes us feel safer.

Bodycam Stories

Maximizing Justice: ZEPCAM Bodycams in Action

Maximizing Justice: ZEPCAM Bodycams in Action

In this customer case, we explore the crucial role and benefits of ZEPCAM Bodycams in law enforcement, from preventing escalations to securing convictions in court. The incident revolves around a food courier's aggressive attack on a traffic warden in Turku, Finland....

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Body Camera Solutions


T2+ Bodycam

The ZEPCAM T2+ is a robust and easy-to-use body-worn camera with superior video quality, secure storage and unique video management features. Capture video, audio and GPS data under the most severe conditions by day and night.

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ZEPCAM offers professional bodycam solutions which are suitable for many different types of applications. Our rugged bodycams can be mounted on different places, including your chest, helmet and car. ZEPCAM bodycams can be used under the most extreme conditions.

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Video Management Software

Best-in-class software for evidence, user, device and storage management. With many functionalities enabling officers to quickly access and utilise video footage to ensure transparent operations and access to forensic data.

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Store and and manage your data stand-alone (offline), in the ZEPCAM Cloud or on premise. Our open platform solution ensures easy third party integrations.

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