T2+ Body Camera - ZEPCAM

T2+ Bodycam

Easy to see, mount and use bodycam. Capture video, audio and GPS under the most severe conditions. The ZEPCAM T2+ is a robust body-worn camera with superior video quality, secure storage and unique video management features. Developed in collaboration with international police forces.

  • Up to 12 hours battery life
  • Superior image quality
  • 64GB device storage
  • Latest AES256 security standard

T2+ Bodycam Spec Sheet (PDF)

Smart Docking Station - ZEPCAM

Smart Docking Stations

The only docking station commercially available today with integrated SSD storage capacity. Enables data buffering for network capacity optimization. Allows fast and economic bodycam battery recharging.

  • 4 or 8 bay
  • 4 hour charging time
  • Gigabit ethernet to server
  • SSD storage to allow data buffering
  • Dynamic User ID for pooled based bodycam use
  • Latest AES 256 security standard
Body Camera Starter Package- ZEPCAM

ZEPCAM Starter Package

Your turn-key starter package. Build you own bodycam set-up by multiplying the package.

  • 4 x ZEPCAM T2+ body camera
  • 4-bay smart docking station
  • 4 x magnet mounts with tilt studs
  •  ZEPCAM Manager software package
  • Cloud licenses for data storage