ZEPCAM is Most Promising Law Enforcement Solutions Provider in Europe

The results are in: leading print and technology magazine CIOReview has awarded ZEPCAM the title of most promising law enforcement solutions provider of 2021 in the EU.

Bodycams ZEPCAM round below

This means that ZEPCAM joins the 20 annually listed companies that are at the forefront of providing law enforcement solutions and transforming businesses!

Bodycams reduce number of incidents

To mark the occasion, CIOReview interviewed ZEPCAM’s CEO Jurriaan Pröpper and wrote an article which highlights ZEPCAM’s unique value proposition.
In this article, Jurriaan discusses the specifics behind ZEPCAM’s mission (to inculcate trust and reduce conflict) and backs his statements up with facts.
“Bodycams prove to reduce the number of incidents by up to 80 percent. And should an event occur, bodycams prove useful to defend a public servant’s response,” says Pröpper. He explains the unfortunately increased occurrences of agitated people confronting frontline workers, often escalating to aggressive actions. Pröpper stresses that frontline workers should be able to count on their bodycams to handle these types of situations in an appropriate manner.

>> Read the full interview in CIOReview here.

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