The benefits of bodycams for security guards

Bodycams have been introduced in many industries, including private security. From hospitals to stores and site security, bodycams have been positively received by the security industry. The benefits bodycams provide to security guards include increased safety of staff, situational awareness and actionable data for training evaluation. All this with a cost effective, cutting-edge tool that brings security organisations to the forefront of innovation.

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There are usually smaller teams guarding large areas, the chance for difficult interactions with the public is often present, valuable goods and property must be protected, and in the case of emergency there is always a need for quick and efficient communication and support. Bodycam systems provide an answer to all these elements, and more.

Bodycams for security guards increase their safety and improve interactions

Bodycams have already been proven to increase the safety, and feelings of safety of staff in many industries. They are quickly becoming standard equipment in a security official’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Municipal law enforcers have been implementing bodycams en masse as it has been shown that they drastically reduce the chance for verbal or violent confrontations with the public. Especially for frontline professionals with limited authority tools, the bodycams have proven very valuable.

Hospital security guards in the Netherlands using ZEPCAM T2+ bodycams are very positive about the increased safety of staff. The bodycams:

  • Have a de-escalating effect; reactions and attitudes of people positively change when they have been told that the bodycam will be turned on
  • Help employees who regularly wear the bodycams to feel safer
  • Have been used in several instances to provide clear evidence in the case of police involvement
  • Have resulted in no negative reactions of people or patients during the pilot and, there was never an escalation resulting from the bodycam being used

Positive experiences of supermarket security, door guards, and security guards working with journalists, show that the safety of staff is greatly improved by the introduction of bodycam systems. When bodycams come with the latest livestreaming capabilities, new opportunities arise.

Situational awareness in any security operation is greatly improved

Considering that the majority of security guards work in small teams or as lone workers and usually with a large area to guard, livestreaming bodycams can provide much added value. Livestreamed footage can greatly improve the efficiency of communication, as personnel in a control room can instantly see what is happening ‘on the ground’. This leads to increased visibility of staff actions and their needs in terms of being fully supported in any operation.

Livestreaming bodycams offer a wide range of benefits to security operations:

  • Security officials can be supported at the click of a button, and share live footage instantly
  • Colleagues in the control room can instantly see what is occurring, and what is needed to support officials in the field: situational awareness is drastically increased through livestreamed footage and this acts as a force multiplier
  • If necessary and with a provider that offers flexible integrations, livestreamed footage can be shared with all relevant parties, such as police, securely and quickly
  • Allows for smaller, but flexible and continuously supported security teams to properly guard large terrains without losing oversight

Renowned Amsterdam security company DeltaSafe Groep already uses the ZEPCAM T3 Live in their security operations, and are very positive about its uses.

“The T3 Live is an awesome device that provides instant and efficient communication, allows for equally quick responses from the control room and security officials, and has resulted in frontline professionals feeling safer during their work in the field. I recommend this technology for all organisations dealing with the issue of how to improve the safety of their frontline staff.”Peter Wolfs | Director and owner of DeltaSafe Groep

Bodycam systems for security guards offer continuous actionable data for training and evaluation

Bodycam footage is crucial for creating a database that is both informational and instructive. Having a database of all the situations that occurred during operations or as a result of interactions with the public provides the team with actionable data. This data can be used to reflect on employee actions, evaluate and improve future operations, and show the good work done by frontline staff.

Videos and images have already shown to be the most effective training tool, as employees can directly experience their own actions in the field, as well as the results of these actions. Bodycam footage, when archived, can create the entire basis for the training of new staff, as there will be documented evidence of every situation they might encounter during their work. This quickly results in time and money saved.

The director of public safety at Piedmont hospitals agrees and finds that:

“The body-worn camera became an obvious, exceptional tool, not only from a de-escalation standpoint, but also from a liability protection standpoint and from a professional development standpoint, it gives us valuable information on how to debrief and improve.Mike Hodges | Piedmont Director of Public Safety

Bodycam systems protect against liability and insurance claims

While the cost effectiveness of bodycam systems in the public arena has already been proven, private security companies and employees can also financially benefit from implementing a bodycam solution. The known limits of traditional CCTV systems often result in fragmented, or absent video evidence of crimes or violence committed against staff. This results in risks regarding liability and insurance when an incident occurs. When bodycams are a part of the team, there is always an objective and reliable witness present that will record the entire operation or interaction, including audio. This is crucial in order to protect your organisation from false claims, and to protect the actions of your security guards at all times.

Courts prefer bodycam footage as this also records verbal interactions, which are often crucial in deciding what was said and done, and whether the actions of staff were justified. Furthermore, with the right bodycam provider the entire chain of evidence (managing, accessing, sharing) will occur securely through a encrypted process and with role-based access in order to adhere to any and all data and privacy regulations. Bodycams have proven their worth in cost-effectively addressing issues such as:

  • Escalating interactions and violence from the public
  • Realising direct and continuous support
  • Protecting staff, property and goods
  • Providing the actionable data needed for training, evaluation and improvement

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