Bodycams introduced across the board by Hannover police directorate

Following a persistently high number of violent crimes against police officers, the Hannover Police Directorate (PD) in Germany installed ZEPCAM bodycams in December 2016 as part of a pilot project for testing purposes. It’s safe to say this was successful: bodycams will now be introduced across the board in the area of responsibility of PD Hannover.

Bodycams ZEPCAM round below

The pilot project has shown that bodycams genuinely play a part in ensuring police security. One of their most important functions is de-escalating, helping to deter potential perpetrators from attacking police officers in the first place. If an attack should occur despite the use of the bodycams, a video recording provides significantly better evidence in any subsequent criminal proceedings.

Bodycams delivered to four police departments

The ZEPCAM bodycams and other hardware and software components were handed over to the PD offices in autumn 2020. Now that the technical side of things is in order, the bodycams can be introduced across the board in the area of responsibility of PD Hannover. As a basic equipment starter package, 34 bodycams were delivered to four police departments. Following a successful delivery and software installation, the devices are currently being used in PD Hannover.

Bodycam recordings must be made openly

The use of bodycams comes with a few rules, the most important one being: the recordings must be made openly. This is why emergency services carrying a bodycam wear a clearly visible sign stating ‘‘Video recording’’ on their uniform. Images are only recorded permanently when triggered by the police officer equipped with a camera. This only happens if there is the suspicion that there is a significant threat to people’s lives or health.

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