The 4 benefits of bodycams and video management systems for logistics

The market for bodycam technology has rapidly expanded into many sectors not traditionally associated with policing or law enforcement. All manner of industries have implemented bodycam solutions to answer their specific challenges. From healthcare to construction, from manufacturing to transport,  all see the added value of bodycams for their organisation. Bodycams for logistics are no different, and here is why.

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Bodycams for logistics: Optimising logistical operations and processes

In every industry there is a constant drive for innovation and improvement; making every process as efficient, smooth and cost effective as possible. In logistical operations, this challenge is especially present. How can a company  transport valuable cargo efficiently and safely through a strict and methodological process? In the modern day there is an element which is of absolute importance when it comes to improving company processes, data. Data on the time processes take, on the security of cargo, on employee conduct, on customer satisfaction. Name any process and there will be people and technological tools collecting data with the express goal of information and optimisation. This information is invaluable for evaluating processes and making future cost-saving improvements. This information is easily collected with bodycams for your logistical operations.

Bodycams and video management software can be invaluable to the process of collecting data. With the right bodycam solution companies can:

  • Evaluate time and GPS data efficiently and easily
  • Evaluate and confirm the condition of cargo and delivery status and condition, resulting in indisputable video evidence of proper delivery
  • Provide evidence in case of customer or insurance claims, ensuring confirmation of correct company processes and policies
  • Using other collective metadata on processes in order to optimise loading, transport and delivery operations.
  • In the case of livestreaming bodycams: provide employees/lone workers with direct and efficient support in any situation

When it comes to logistical operations, optimalisation is always a key goal. Bodycam solutions can be invaluable for optimalisation through all the collected data. Be sure that the bodycam solutions provider can flexibly answer your organisation’s needs.

Increased security of goods, and safety of staff

Bodycam solutions, with the accompanying video management software, can also be invaluable for increasing the security of goods as well as the safety of lone workers transporting valuable cargo. Firstly, bodycams record and livestream operations resulting in an indisputable evidence base in the case of something going wrong. This evidence can support your organisation’s processes and defend employee conduct. Furthermore, employees in many industries indicate that they feel safer with the support of bodycam technology. Often, information on an incident originates from witnesses and can be incomplete. With bodycam solutions information on incidents such as damage, theft or late deliveries are confirmed by the indisputable evidence collected through the bodycam, and saved in your company’s video management system. Bodycam solutions can complement the safety of staff, and the security of goods by:


  • Increasing the safety, and feelings of safety of your professionals with easy-to-use bodycam technology that requires very limited training
  • Collecting indisputable evidence to defend company processes and employee conduct
  • Providing this evidence in the case of customer or insurance claims: reducing the risk of company liability as well as insurance rates
  • Visible bodycams and indications of their presence deter theft, even money transportation companies have found bodycams to be invaluable

Training your professionals with bodycam footage

Another added value of bodycam solutions is their effectiveness in providing training for any logistics professional. Bodycams provide an invaluable database of processes, actions and results. These can be utilised efficiently to train new employees and improve existing employees’ workflow. Data collection is crucial as a basis for any future improvement of company processes. Naturally there are already evaluation processes but this often costs a lot of time and work to gather and evaluate. Bodycam solutions collect all the needed information continuously and automatically, resulting in an easy-to-use database for analysis. This requires less time and therefore, less investment. Bodycam solutions help:


  • Collect information on employee and company processes, leading to future best practices
  • Create a database of training videos related to issues that actually occurred, in order to efficiently train new employees and improve the practices of existing staff
  • Easily create, edit and redact bodycam footage and audio to ensure employee privacy and company sensitive data
  • Show the great work done by your staff and share these successes with others through marketing and promotion.

Support for lone workers with livestreaming bodycams

A new innovation in bodycam technology is the ability to livestream operations to a central control room. This necessary addition to many companies’ processes allows for constant and direct supervision and improved communication. It also allows for more efficient handling of incidents with support from the team. Logistics professionals often work alone or with limited support in the field. Livestreaming technology can help support their daily duties by providing a direct, live and instant connection back to headquarters. In the case of theft, footage can directly be streamed to law enforcement so that they can handle correctly with all the necessary information. In the case of technical issues, your employees can be directly supported through livestreamed footage. This results in less time, and therefore money, spent on fixing potential issues and allowing the cargo to be transported as scheduled. The recorded footage further allows for efficient and effective reporting after the issue occurred, leading to time saved and future improvements to processes. Livestreaming bodycams help:

  • Support your frontline professionals working alone in the field: when an issue occurs they can be directly supported by operations managers, technicians and law enforcement whenever, wherever
  • Provide direct methods of communication: with livestreamed video and audio any issue can be quickly and effectively communicated with headquarters
  • Provide a visual database of company processes, allowing for easy and effective reporting
  • Provide invaluable information for a law enforcement operation in emergency situations

Data is the most valuable currency in the modern world, and any technology that can provide this through a tool that is easy to implement and use, is of crucial importance. Information is everything to any organisation that attempts to optimise processes for efficiency. Any optimalisation process requires loads of data in order for it to be effective, as well as cost-effective. With bodycam solutions as an answer to industry challenges, organisations can take that next step to perfect their operations, as well as provide that extra safety and satisfaction to employees ‘on the ground’.

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