ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam improves communication and efficiency at the Eindhoven Marathon 2021

The 37th edition of the Eindhoven Marathon was a great success. It involved the introduction of the ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam as a new and innovative tool for event management. MH Dynamic, commissioned by Golazo, provided on-the-ground safety officials and an adviser to the Command Post. During this large live event the new addition showed how communication and efficiency can be improved with livestreaming bodycams.

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The challenge – efficient communication necessary

MH Dynamic and Golazo were responsible for managing the Eindhoven Marathon in 2021 and making sure that this first marathon since the start of the Covid pandemic would run smoothly. The Eindhoven Marathon, with thousands of runners and tens of thousands of viewers needed to be a streamlined, smooth operation during which communication, speed and efficiency were absolutely key. Safety officials on-the-ground had a great responsibility in assessing situations and choosing an appropriate course of action.

The central Command Post received the brand new ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam for their safety officials on the ground, in order to address these necessary elements. Traditionally the Command Post receives tons of communication but no live images, which hampered efficient communication and cost them time and effort. With live images necessary, as well as risk assessment at a distance, the ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam was the perfect tool to increase situational awareness and improve efficiency, leading to a reduction of the time necessary for appropriate action.

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ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam

ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam

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The solution – livestreaming bodycams

The solution for the problems faced by MH Dynamic was provided by their own research which led them to ZEPCAM’s latest T3 Live Bodycam. It allows for a crucial improvement in terms of communication and the resulting efficiency of the operation. Live images create the possibility to efficiently and instantly solve issues on the ground. Minutes of description and communication between safety officials and the Command Post, and the Command Post to chain partners becomes much smoother. With crucial live information, communication is greatly improved. This further leads to improved issue & risk assessment by the managers in the central Command Post.

 After a demonstration organised by ZEPCAM, safety officials from MH Dynamic were ready to start using their very own ZEPCAM T3 Live bodycams for the Eindhoven Marathon 2021.

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The ZEPCAM T3 Live was very useful and had a positive impact on communication and efficiency; valuable time was saved during potentially critical moments.

Mike Hasenbos

MH Dynamic- safety operations| crisis management | training & consultancy

Results – ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam improves communication and efficiency

The safety officials on motorcycle were equipped with the ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam attached with the corresponding magnet mount, which they experienced as very stable throughout the day. The ZEPCAM T3 Live was sturdy, easy to use and mount, and stayed in place on thick protective coats. Another useful feature was the LED indicators which gave clear confirmation of activation in this case, when the safety officials wore thick motorcycle gloves.

It became immediately clear how useful ZEPCAM T3 Live was as the safety officials drove their motorcycles onto the road and started feeding live footage to the central Command Post. Despite the high speeds, bumpy roads and a varying internet connection strength, the quality was great, very clear, visible, and useful for a smoother, more efficient operation. All the crucial moments where action was required were livestreamed to the Command Post by the ZEPCAM T3 Live, which resulted in improved situational awareness. This lead to several moments in which valuable time was saved in addressing a situation and taking quick necessary actions.

In one of these incidents the safety official drove through the marathon track to identify any issues and came across a road block which affected the direction of the marathon, potentially leading to a negative outcome or a risky situation. As a result of the livestreamed footage the management advisor in the Command Post could instantly, and exactly, give an emergency reaction to this situation. In other instances communication was done directly through the use of live footage from the ZEPCAM T3 Live to other chain partners, so they could quickly and efficiently asses whether immediate action was required. Another necessary feature was the use of ZEPCAM Manager which the Command Post used efficiently to pull up live images, and export, trim and play several video files concurrently. It was experienced as very easy to use by the safety officials. The ZEPCAM T3 Live’s footage was also very useful for training purposes: event management has a new tool in its arsenal for program evaluation.

Learnings – livestreaming is a needed tool for event management

The experiences of MH Dynamic and Golazo in using the ZEPCAM T3 Live for the Eindhoven Marathon 2021 were very positive. The bodycam was easy to use and resulted in excellent footage. As potential issues and risks arose, safety officials on the ground could directly stream live images of the situation, leading to a great improvement in terms of quick communication and the resulting efficiency of the operation. Live images became very useful and the ZEPCAM Manager software was intuitive. Furthermore, the live images and the more efficient communication allows for program evaluation and training after the event, leading to improved practices for the future. ZEPCAM was proud to partner with MH Dynamic and Golazo to make sure that the first large scale marathon since the start of the Covid pandemic went smoothly and safely for everyone. Both organisations recommend the ZEPCAM T3 Live for any event.

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Since 2009, ZEPCAM has been on a mission to make society safer. Today, more than 500 customers in more than 40 countries use ZEPCAM professional bodycam solutions to protect and support their frontline professionals when it really matters, and to improve the working conditions and efficiency of various frontline industries. Comprising bodycams, a video management system and hosting solutions, ZEPCAM provides frontline professionals and their managers with the tools to do their work safely and gather evidence that will stand up in court.

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