ZEPCAM expands in Germany: Hamburg also starts with bodycams

Bodycams are being widely accepted in Germany as Hamburg joins Niedersachsen and Hessen in choosing a ZEPCAM bodycam solution.

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After a solid consultation process Hamburg chooses ZEPCAM as the provider that can best meet the needs of police in the city. Furthermore, satisfied customers in other regions experience the benefit and usefulness of bodycams.

Hamburg: ZEPCAM will provide bodycam solutions to Germany’s 2d largest city

The breaking news this week is confirmed, Hamburg will be joining the various police departments in Niedersachsen and Hessen in implementing a ZEPCAM  bodycam solution. With an initial program for 64 operational bodycams in 2020, the Hamburg police are fully on track to expand this in 2021 with hundreds of additional bodycams alongside their accompanying docking stations and secure data storage options.

As the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg is well positioned to properly implement a bodycam solution that will deter abuse or aggression directed at the frontline professionals who are keeping the city safe and orderly for everyone. After a lengthy consultation process Hamburg has identified ZEPCAM’s bodycam solution as the ideal solution which they can integrate into their existing arsenal of protective and preventive gear.

ZEPCAM is ready to help other German regions acquire their own ideal bodycam solution. Many regions and cities are considering their own bodycam program. With these developments aimed at positively affecting the work and safety of frontline professionals, Germany has taken great steps in securing the future of policing in a more trusting, respectful society.

Satisfied German bodycam partners: Niedersachsen and Hessen

Over the past few years ZEPCAM’s turnkey bodycam solutions have been acquired by many police departments in Niedersachsen and Hessen, with great success. The departments utilizing the total bodycam solution have been very positive about its deployment and through direct and continuous development, in partnership with ZEPCAM, have answered their own needs further through the innovative flexible open architecture.

Results show that the bodycams have been successful in collecting evidence that stands up in German courts, and as a result of our flexible solutions ZEPCAM has been able to properly address the needs and customization wishes of our clients in Germany. Our bodycam solution has helped protect frontline professionals against unwanted abuse or aggression by deterring would-be offenders. As stated by Police Commissioner Sina Schlueter of Diepholz and satisfied user, the bodycams have a deterrent effect, are an easy to use and lightweight tool and can help provide protection to police.

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