The importance of bodycams in the fire service

Bodycams are widely adopted by the police force and law enforcement agencies. It comes as no surprise that frontline professionals such as firefighters are now following suit and appreciating the benefits of bodycams.

Bodycams ZEPCAM round below

The Dutch fire service is currently dealing with an increasing number of incidents, preventing them from performing their duties accurately (and peacefully).

Dutch fire department embraces bodycams

The fact that people hinder firefighters or escalate the situation further by engaging in aggressive behaviour is an ongoing source of outrage. This is creating a higher demand for security and protection.

In the following interview, Dutch firefighters highlight the importance of bodycams in the fire service using recent examples:

Paris Fire Brigade collaborates with ZEPCAM

To ensure better protection against attacks against firefighters, the French Government has also begun to experiment with the use of ZEPCAM bodycams by firemen. This experiment in collaboration with ZEPCAM started mid-2019. So far, the Paris Fire Brigade and ten fire and rescue services have applied for the experiment, which will run until February 2022.

Benefits of bodycams

The benefits of bodycams for firefighters include:

  • De-escalation
  • Decreasing and preventing conflict
  • Providing evidence if the situation gets out of hand
  • Providing evidence to support fire investigation
  • Useful for training and evaluation purposes

Apart from encouraging good behaviour and de-escalating conflicts, wearing a bodycam gives you a more complete picture of incidents as a firefighter, providing situational awareness and the potential evidence to support a fire investigation. It is also a useful tool for officers to evaluate their personal performance and actions. As they increase the safety of the firefighters and the public and enhance the learning experience, the demand for bodycams from members of the fire brigade continues to grow.

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