Berlin police and fire brigade choose a ZEPCAM bodycam solution

ZEPCAM has been selected in the German capital to become the bodycam solutions provider for police. On top of that, the first German fire brigade to use bodycams has joined the Berlin police in choosing ZEPCAM bodycams.

Bodycams ZEPCAM round below

“in Berlin more than 20 officers are attacked on a daily basis… an urgent, national roll-out is necessary.” – police union chief (GdP) Stephen Kelm

ZEPCAM bodycams for German police and firefighters

After successful deployments of ZEPCAM bodycam solutions to Hamburg, Niedersachsen, Hessen as well as dozens of local and national police organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium, and other European countries, German police in the capital, Berlin join the ranks of ZEPCAM bodycam users. After lengthy consideration Berlin police have chosen ZEPCAM bodycams to support their crucial work.

The Berlin police and fire brigade needed to address the growing aggression and difficulties faced by police and first responders in the capital. The growing trend and acceptance in Germany led them to similarly adopt a bodycam solution to face organisational and societal challenges.

The bodycams will help Berlin’s police and firefighters in tough escalations with the public. With clear warning signs and a statement that recordings will start, they hope to influence interactions and de-escalate whenever a situations threatens to get out of hand. Furthermore, the bodycam will collect objective video evidence for use in criminal proceedings.

Both organisations will use the T3 Live bodycams for their daily operations, with ZEPCAM Manager and ZEPCAM’s Secure Server as GDPR compliant data management and storage system.


ZEPCAM mobile video support, intelligence and evidence systems enable frontline professionals to deal with the unexpected events that come with their job. Providing them the support from their teams to do their work more safely, effectively and confidently. Whether it is to protect staff, gather indisputable evidence, improve company processes or train employees, ZEPCAM bodycam solutions answer all of our customers’ needs.

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