The 10 most popular articles in 2021 (so far)

Case studies from various sectors involving the use of bodycams, important do’s and don’ts, eye-opening research results and updates regarding privacy are among the most popular topics for readers in recent months. 

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After being chosen by more than 50 Dutch municipalities, ZEPCAM bodycams have also been selected by multiple local law enforcement officers in Finland. Finnish parking enforcers are the latest group to become increasingly equipped with ZEPCAM bodycams.

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In the last couple of years, police officers in Belgium were seeing a growing number of threatening incidents on the job, as well as more need for transparency from the public. Find out why First Commissioner Vanhees in the Marlow police zone compares ZEPCAM to Apple and how he got a product that is more attuned to the demands of the police and the Belgian legislation.

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There’s more to using a bodycam than you might think – something Anton Bos, director of BOAtrainer, is keen to discuss. Together with a group of trainers, he provides guidance to local law enforcers across the country. His bodycam training is centered around the practical use of ZEPCAM’s bodycam. So what are the most important do’s and don’ts regarding bodycams?

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A detailed explanation by police commissioner Smets on the deployment and use of the ZEPCAM bodycam in police zone MINOS – Belgium. Bodycams benefit both police officers and civilians and come with a host of different benefits.

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België Bodycam

Fact of the day: according to new research, communities receive about five dollars in benefit for every dollar spent on bodycams for the police. This is mainly by avoiding the use of force and its associated costs.

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Community Bodycam

What is the difference between respecting privacy standards on paper and in practice? And what are the most important bodycam do’s and don’ts regarding privacy and digital sovereignty? This article examines the best way to use bodycams in a way that is in accordance with privacy laws and digital sovereignty policies.

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The results are in: leading print and technology magazine CIOReview has awarded ZEPCAM the title of most promising law enforcement solutions provider of 2021 in the EU. Keep reading to discover the specifics and read an interview in CIOReview with ZEPCAM’s CEO.

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After receiving an 8.7 from the Dutch police, ZEPCAM bodycams are also praised and given the go-ahead by the Swiss police. Find out why police officers from the canton of Vaud and the city Lausanne in Switzerland will continue to wear bodycams following a successful pilot.

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Swiss Police Bodycam

Bodycams are widely adopted by the police force and law enforcement agencies. It comes as no surprise that frontline professionals such as firefighters are now following suit and appreciating the benefits of bodycams.

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Different organisations and decision-makers are determined to protect sensitive data. They don’t want to wind up making headlines for all the wrong reasons. This is especially true for organisations such as police, fire brigades, security personnel, first aid workers and customs services, all of which store a lot of sensitive, private information. They often work with sensitive audio and video data that is recorded with the help of advanced body-worn cameras.

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Cloud Dta Bodycam
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